January 17, 2015

Here with me

He lies beside her.

Her breasts uncovered
by the sheets--he couldn't
take his eyes from her.

The scent from her warm
body stole to his nostrils
making his desire rampant.

What a fool he had been
last night. He had her
naked in the bed, her
body so willing and
responsive. It had
arched against his
when he kissed her

He knew he wouldn't
be able to hold out
much longer before
he claimed her body.

As he stood before her,
he saw how beautiful
she was and a protective
feeling rose up in him and
threatened to engulf him.

He ruthlessly crushed
it down.

He would not allow his
heart to become entangled
in this seduction. Perhaps
he had made a tactical
mistake...By holding off until
she craved him, he'd let his
own craving become that
of a ravenous beast.

If he wasn't careful
she would become an

Aroused..She waits;

for your hard cock
to press against
the side of her cheek;

slapping the head of
your cock on her red
lips for the first time.

-Waiting for you to say
her name as her tongue
reaches out to taste

All she could think
about was;

Your tongue in her cunt
nibbling on her clit
twisting her nipples
as hard as you could
Before entering her
deep and hard.

When your cock
slides between her
lips and onto her
tongue, she gasps
for more.

You push your cock
against the back of
her throat, as she
moves with your
hand and you guide
her mouth to the
bottom of your shaft,
pushing out her tongue
to slide between the
cushion of your balls
and she smiles!

She gaze into your
eyes as you use
her warm wet mouth
for your pleasure..


January 12, 2015


What our sex is
we don't know
but it must be
some sort of fire.

For it always
a sense of warmth,
of glow...And when
the glow becomes
a pure shine
then we feel
the sense of

This...For me,
is pure magic.


November 16, 2014

Most wanted

Lost in herself;

beyond the ability of her
mind..She awakens.

-Raw sexual power like 
this defies explanation..

It must be demonstrated
to be understood.  It thrives
in the moment.."

Though, she attempts to resist his power;
-his only existence is to pleasure her..

He could never explain why..It
just seems to be the thing he 
most wanted.


November 01, 2014

Between the lines

She wonders; how could she 
instill such passion into this 
man?  Giving imagery
in parts.. 

In letters, his recitations

are brilliant.

They rapture and imprison
her into a world they have
yet to explore  .. To imagine;

with her under his spell

he possesses her, he 
pleasures not only her
senses but her soul.  
She has become his 
sweetest obsession.

His words, like a whisper,
to the most secretive place
in her being.  His prose's 
excites her to venture into 
a world and a time ready 
for an intimate exploration 
between sex passion and love.

Deconstructing and
rendering his words to
her in the rawest passion 
she could ever imagine, the
way he would want
need to give her. 

Soon enough, he will know

what her skin feels like, what 
it tastes like, but most importantly;

what her mouth flushed full 
lips will feel like against 
his flesh..?


October 28, 2014

8 Weeks...

-You whisper to me,

"let it go, me Lady, I
control you now.
Your pleasures are
my to do as

Our first coupling
is savage of

The second is slow
and sensual;
~I writhe for an hour
moaning and frenzied
until you decide to
bring me to ecstasy.

The third time, you
make love to me;
~cherishing and
worshiping me
with your being
until I dissolve in
liquid tremors
yielding everything
I ever wanted from you.

...You are an arousing man.

Feeling exultant, you have
the means to give me
everything I need.

...In these moments
you free me, yet
binding me to
you forever!


June 21, 2014

A Higher Love

He towers above her
for a moment, as his mouth
descends in total possession.

She did not want to think,
only to feel, and he made
it so easy.

Gazing up into his blue eyes
as if seeing him for the first
time.  He was all male,
demanding, persistent,
and protective..

He appealed to every one
of her womanly senses.  She
could hardly bear waiting for
him to take her.

-His body promising to do 
all her bidding.

As his passion mounts by leaps
and bounds, her fear diminishes
then vanishes altogether as the
powerful emotion of lust
obliterates all else.

Her pussy looked like flaming petals
of fire..  He needed, had to touch her,
taste her, and thrust himself into her..
All at once.

Lifting her onto his cock and gasping
at the deep pleasure he felt..

-She clings to him as if her 
life depended on him.  

She cried out with sheer
wrapping her thighs about him;

-needing every inch he could give her.

They moaned incoherent dark
words against each other's
sensitized flesh.  Thrusting savagely,
he hung on...Tormented and then
rewarded when he heard
her scream; as she spent with him..

-Collapsing upon him thirsting 
for more, she realized;

They are so alike, they give all and 
take all at the same time...


May 24, 2014


Lying together, kissing
many kisses;

soft pecks, sensual
touching of lips,
a strong moist union.

Brushing kisses across
her shoulder and up
her neck.

There you linger...

Tongues touching
penetrating retreating
and again going deep
searching for the soul.

All the while, your hands
move exploring with

Mapping the contour
of waist and hips.

Smoothness of back and
curve of breasts.

For you, there is only this
moment--it is your total

Your hands on her breasts;
delicate smooth rising swell.

Finding nipples erect
fingers stirring passion
in slow circles.

With lips and tongues
still joined, her hand
embraces your cock.

Teasing with the
lightest touch.

Your tongue circles
her nipple, your hand
now free, moving down.

Fingers passing through
bare skin, exploring 

Tracing excitement!

Bringing it back to
the swollen elusive
pleasure spot..

Where your fingers
like your tongue above
begins a movement
of circular play.

Moving round and round
you moan, and I yelp with
glee before you; ...

her breathing changes..

Your excitement quickens.

She cries out...

You continue, her 
pleasure continues..


Painting;  Henry Asencio

May 21, 2014


-She trembles with
the sound of his

--There were a
million things
he wanted to
say to her.

-Her nearness
affected him
as it always did..

--She fought the urge
to stiffen and resist
him, but couldn't.

-HE was to powerful.

Touching her lips;
he immediately felt
the blood drumming
in his fingertips, his
throat, even the soles
of his feet.

Yet, they were
nothing compared
to the blood-throb
of his erection..

He never felt her
this wet before;

the urge to pounce
her over whelmed

Licking her.. with
hot breathes and
flicks of his tongue!

...the heat within her
permeated, lingered;

-as Desire splashes
onto their thighs
like Hot Rain!


April 26, 2014

In Parts

Her heart hammered
just thinking of him.

Her nose uplifted and
brushing at the edges
of his collar.

Then her lips partly
open, just about to
touch his neck.

Oh...she'd known
from the moment
she first heard his
voice, he wasn't
like the rest...

As she looks into his eyes
he already had an effect
on her. A physical effect
a sort of glow that her
features had absorbed.

Her cheeks roughed, eyes
big and bright, lips moist
filled with anticipation.

Her hands fall over his cock
and yes; it is as hard and as
longing as she'd most yearned for.

Pressed against the wall.. His
weight pressed against her just
as she'd wanted it.

And all the while, his eyes were
upon her, as if her pleasure was
all he'd ever hoped to see...

She couldn't speak but instead
tried to guide his cock toward
the place where his hand had

And, meanwhile, his lips were
everywhere!  At her cheek
her eyes,  her neck, her mouth.

What she felt at first was
gratitude and then it mingled
with the sweet sensation of
his tongue against her
pinkest, most tender flesh.

And as she cums he keeps his
mouth there...Lingering in the
sweetness of her.

She pushes his head away from
her as she could not bear
even the smallest second
more of  pleasure..

She reached for him and right
away she felt his cock swell.

At first she only rested her
palms upon his thighs.

He was big inside her mouth
and grew bigger bigger still,
and she kept her mouth there,
moving in and out, in and out...

Time ceased as she gave
herself to the rhythm.

He stood stock-still-as
if it were a dream and
any movement might
bring wakening.

Even the muscles along
the tops of his thighs
seemed made of stone
beneath the palms
of her hands.


Her fingers were like the
brush of a feather, the
wings of a bird, even
when his Orgasm shook
through her..


February 23, 2014

Come to Paradise with me

Walking on the beach
hand in hand, he takes
her to a secret place.

They undress in silence
each knowing that the most
sacred rituals should be
performed naked.

All their senses and thoughts
were attuned to each other.

He watched her flaunt her
beauty before him. His
eyes told her just how
lovely he found her.

She felt her skin tighten, her
blood tingle with excitement,
her body stir with arousal
and her heart over-flow with passion.

Being here together was perfectly
sublime...Sublimely perfect.

As they played and kissed, they felt
the world recede, leaving them alone
in their intimate paradise.

Their play was both intemperate
and incautious, plumbing the depths
of joy and freedom until at last she
threw herself with quivering abandon
into his arms. As he enfolded her
in his arms she felt such a heady
bond of trust and lust.

She closed her eyes and knew it
would be impossible to feel happier
than she did at this moment.

She could not imagine not knowing
him, not watching the lithe way he
moved, not hearing his voice
murmur her name.

Without him she had been
lost; with him she felt complete.

They needed no words, yet
the longing to touch was like
a hunger in the blood.

She began to whisper his
name with heart-scalding
hunger. . . He set his mouth
against her throat so that
she would not stop saying
his name.

He ran his fingertips along
the valley between her breasts,
down to her navel, then dipped
them between her legs to
touch her center.

He lifted his fingertips to
her mouth, "taste," he insisted..

She licked, tasting herself, then
watched with slumberous
eyes as he sucked her honeyed
essence from his fingertips..


December 27, 2013

In his hands

He licked and tasted her
from throat to navel delicately..
Then his mouth devoured
her breasts.  At the same
time his thumbs, alternately
drew circles about her
engorged pink clit.

She uttered incoherent
love sounds as he played
with her body arousing
sensations she’d never
dreamed a woman
could feel.

She surrendered her body
to his hands and mouth,
expressing her joy with
such surprise, he could
tell she had never been
pleasured like this before.
He whispers;

now it’s time for you
to watch what I do to
you and for me to watch
you receive your Pleasure.”
As she lays before him in naked
splendor, while his seductive needy
eyes enraptures her into what's to cum..


December 24, 2013

Seducing Her

All her senses were
heightened to such
a degree that even
the feel of the sheets
against her skin was

It seemed to take hours
for her blood to cool and
her heart to stop racing.

Gradually, she realized
that her feelings and her
longing was totally out
of character for her!

She was profoundly
grateful to him.. Not
only had he given her
freedom, He had given
her, back herself.

She could no more
stop loving him
than she could
stop breathing!


December 15, 2013


You've waited for me.
I contain all..

Nothing is lacking.
Yet, for you all was lacking.

The femininity of the right woman.

I draw you close to me.
I cannot let go of you.

You love to give me everything
I've ever wanted...Every wish of
love, every emotion, every desire.

To be fucked by you
is to be loved by you deeply..

In our moments, there is no
other place I'd rather be.
You are the one I desire most..

And in these hours, I've never
needed someone so badly

Every touch, every kiss, every
orgasm, every confession, in the
little deaths of pleasure, yearning,
needing, wanting to let go!
..We are like no other.


December 03, 2013


How in each other's arms
we lay confounded and
dissolved...Which should be
most lost?

Flaming kisses,
plunging into
boundless blisses.

Our bodies, our
souls on fire...Tossed
by a tempest of desire;

licked out in salty
patterns on sex
sweated skin.

-Her eyes were bravely
provocative yet, he
suspected that she
was more than half
afraid of what was
to come, though
she would rather die
than admit it.

Awakened and alive with
wonder...She touches the
tip of her tongue to his lips,
knowing it would tempt him
to devour her mouth.

She paints his body with
a curly brush of red hair,
which, at times, he pulls
back from her face so that
they could see themselves in
true and unveiled mirrors.

He kisses her senselessly,
touching her everywhere,
warming her...Mesmerized
by her gaze..She dissolves
herself before you, breathlessly..


December 02, 2013


Their laughter.. A conversation;
was nothing but play.  It was simply
a prelude..

He aroused her senses.. Her skin
tingled at the thought of his
hands on her.

All their senses and thoughts
were attuned to each other.

Being together was not an option
it was a means to an unspoken
need between them.

She could not imagine not
knowing him, not watching
the way he moved, not hearing
the sound of his voice.

Just as he did not count on her
scalding passion. Both burning
on the outside afire on the inside;

their blood like a river of flame
running from one to the other
until both were completely
out of control in a raging need.

Unable to bear the intense pleasure
no longer; they erupt together

 Both shuddering uncontrollably;

as he floods into her..knowing her
passion is undeniable..


November 23, 2013

In letters

She had longed for something
unexpected to happen.

A chance encounter..a place
she had never been before;

And it was You!

Engaged into her with
such bluntness and
obvious engrossment!

..She began to feel
butterflies tickling
her senses into a
frenzy !  

She embraced your
delicious Dare..You
had concord the

Lust consumed the
room.. They knew 
there would only be
Fire between them!

And she wondered;

what you would taste like
the colossal of your cock
how demanding it would
be inside her, Indulging
your Sex drenched firmly
inside her..?

As he wondered;

how much of her could
he indulge to have..?


November 03, 2013

My sweetest sin

He is beautiful and a little
nervous, yet confident with an
intense hunger for her.

He gave her the feeling that the whole
world was now shut out and only this
sensual feast existed..That there would
be no tomorrow..no disruption.

That there was only this room,
this night, this bed..

-She was the sweetest possession.
Music playing on the background.

Her hunger was rising to her
head, blinding her. It
was so urgent that she
couldn't wait.

But he ignored her
movements of

He not only continued
to kiss her as if he were
drinking her whole mouth,
her breath;

his hands mauled her, pressed
deeply into her flesh.

Flushed and trembling, she
opens her legs, desperately
yearning for his touch.

His cock was as smooth and
firm as a polished wood baton.

His hands went everywhere;
over her skin, into her sex;

his tongue, into her mouth, on her
breasts. Biting at her nipples and
shoulders,  kissing and caressing
her everywhere.

She was like a drug, he was
completely intoxicated by her.

He takes whatever part of her
he is hungry for and brings
it up to his mouth like a delicate
morsel of food, not caring how
the rest of her body falls into space.

By this time, the hunger in her was like
a ranging fire. She was now the slave
of this man. He ruled like a king. Her
pleasure was subordinate to his.

He demanded her surrender, and she
willingly gave it to him...She opened
herself like a Wild Orchid before him.

As his Possession grows softer under his
fingers. His hands searches every nook
of her body, leaving nothing untouched,
kneading it, kneading it to suit his fancy.

Crouching over her reclined body like
some great lion, raising herself to
his cock.  Entering her for the first
time, engulfing himself into the depths
of her passion..

Every time she is with you, there is
no other place she'd rather be..

You are her sweetest Sin..


Painting by; Henry Asencio

October 23, 2013

In full Bloom

For the first time in years
perhaps for the first time
in her life, She feels most

To her..You are freedom.

When she is with you
You allow her to let go
of all inhibitions, all great

You inspire her.. More than you know.

Touching her skin..Indulging in her
Sex .. Fucking her deeply..deeper
deepest.. Into herself.

The passion between you and
her is Undeniable.

Lying beneath you next to you
on you beside you Before You..
Chaotically into her/your sweetest Sin..

Her arms about your neck threading
her fingers into your embrace.into her
most deepest freedom.

She'd never felt as sexual as she
does when you are hard and
wanting and yearning and needing
to love her to fuck her to love her
again and fuck her even more..

Until she's had enough..Collapsing
yourself into her.. And she onto you..


Painting by; Henry Asencio

October 17, 2013


Tonight in her bed, it was more
than her passion.. It was her body!

She had worked it all out in her
head, the way he'd start.

He had an effect on her. A physical effect,
a sort of glow that her features had completely
absorbed.  Her cheeks roughed, her deep
Amber eyes-big and bright.  Her red lips moist,
filled with such anticipation..

And without thinking she opens her
legs a bit wider and his hands
move upward just as she'd
hoped he would.

Pressing her body against
the wall using his fingers
as.. she squirms with delight,
sometimes closing her legs
tight upon his hands and in
other moments opening as
wide as she was able to.

And all the while, your eyes
are upon her, as if her pleasure
is all you ever want to see..

..at first she felt gratitude and then
it mingled in to the sweetest sensation
of your tongue against her pinkest,
most tender flesh.

She pushes your head away as she
could no longer bear the smallest
second more of pleasure.

Kneeling before you,  she wraps your cock
in her mouth.. becoming harder and growing
bigger, and bigger still, and she keeps her
mouth there, moving in and out, and in and out ..

Time cease as she gives herself to the rhythm..

Your Cock grows harder and the tip engorges
so that, if she'd been capable of thought just then,
she might have wondered if the intensity
of it caused you pain.  You smile into her eyes
urging her upward kissing her with the
pleasures of you.

Pleasuring herself to you.. tonight!


Painting by; Henry Asencio

October 16, 2013

On Fire

The moment you saw her
she was captivating.  Her
eyes drew you into a world
you've never expected or
explored before.

She didn't know how where
or why, but when you touched
her, she was enraptured by your
alluring blue eyes.  All she
knew was that she was where
she wanted to be.

For the first time in a long time
she never felt so aware of herself.
She realized her sensuality
has come full circle.

Connected, willing to do
anything to have your hands
on her in her.. She exuded
her passion deliberately.. 
Lingering herself into your senses.

When you are together in that
moment she doesn't care about
anything but the rawness and 
the passion you have instilled in
her with every demanding touch.

Trembling, her body takes
pleasure into it's own ecstasy.. 
She knows how much you enjoy
when she gives in to herself.

The more you fuck her the more
the end ceases to exist. 

As you indulge your sex into
the dominance of her Fire..


Painting by; Henry Asencio

November 11, 2012


When she's with you
she is euphoric.

When she's away
from you, she
is impermeable.

-your smile
comforts her
-your silence
torments her
-your power
fascinates her
-your touch
raptures her.

She...So desperately
wanting to let go...To
loose herself in the
simplicity of you.

Take a look at her,
-she is your greatest

-What would it take for
you to loose yourself
in her...?

Can you...Will you?


August 18, 2012


Her memories are on full blast;

as she wraps herself 
into soft silk silhouette, 
her excitement grows.  

Filling her with such longing.

It is precisely the
feeling she's been
starving for.

To be with a man in
such a way that the mere
presence of him,
even miles away;
can make her
tremble and
soften and melt!

She knows what she wants.

She wants you to feel what her Sex
does to you..  Feel her heart pounding,
indulging in her lust, rediscovering your
Mastery..Your Vulgar.

You Are in Control.

You know what she needs, yet
you give her what she wants.

...The one who matters most.


June 17, 2012

Pussy control

...To her surprise,

His poetic dominance
seduces her desire
for what is to come..

Yet he is such a man
that if she felt like
being in control, it
didn't threaten him,
it amused him.

...Her teasing, wanton
behavior, invites him
to make love to her

Yet he would wait until she
was begging in white-hot
need, so that all she would
experience when he fucked
her was pure sexual pleasure.

...One of the most
beautiful things about her
is her passion, and
he knew he'd never have
enough of her.

Molding his lips and
his body to hers
as she lay captive
beneath him;

he penetrates her
with a steady
pressure until he
was anchored deep.

A shudder jolts
through his body,
then with long,
drugging strokes,
he began to make
her his.

...She didn't fight it,
she welcomed it,
relished it, loving
the fullness and
instinctively knowing
the pleasure would
drown everything
with exquisite
liquid tremors.

He stroked deep and
hard, knowing the
surging wave was
building inside her
as surely as it built
inside himself.

He urged her on
with raw whispers
of love, taking untold
pleasures in controlling
her cries of passion.

Then, suddenly, she
screams and clings to
him tightly, and a cry is
torn from his own throat,
as they climax together.

...Soft and feminine, she
stretches like a sexual cat
with a bellyful of cream.

His gift to a Goddess...


June 14, 2012

Show her

...In the acts
of uninhibited
must a man deny
his true heart's
desire for one

Why tease her
his absence...?

She knows it is never
a power game for him.
It is something natural.
-To be enjoyed.

With her, there is
no division between
love and sex.

She is

She is not interested
in anything less than
true love.

--She seduces with
finesse and charm
and with an uninhibited
desire to pleasure
you...Only you.

She is all female;
the scent of her skin,
her brown eyes making
love to your heart, her
red lips making love
to your cock.

...Your love is a physical
and sensual romance
to her.

-You must show her
the rarity of you.


May 10, 2011


She has come
into Fruition..For the
first time,  She is aware
this place exists..

~You have Intoxicated her, merely
with your Touch..your Words..your
Mouth and..your dominant
Attentiveness ~

.. I am Intertwined, in the perpetual
expectancy Of, Your own
.. Pleasure..and mine!


November 15, 2010

In my yearning

I long for you
to do more..

I close my eyes
and imagine your
mouth on mine.

You have seen my
eyes close, hiding
my desire beneath
lowered lashes.

And you know 'that'
slight curve of my
lips betrays my
anticipation of
your kiss..!

Your hunger for me
remains a mystery, along
with my growing sense
of freedom and
willingness to turn
my back on all the
things I was led
to represent;

But you want my
need for you to turn
to craving?!

"-When my desire turns
to hunger and my ache
becomes insatiable; then
you can take my body 
and soul, and
make me yours.."


May 29, 2010

Missing you

When you are gone
from me, I miss you.

When you are gone
from me, I await
your return.

But I also indulge
myself in thoughts
of you and in these
thoughts, we are
naked and you are
hard, aroused at the
sight of me, aroused
by the knowledge
that you can take
me and love me
however you want to.

Always, I crave that, to be
the object of your desire and
your appetite, and when
you're away, I dwell in the
memories of how you
have loved me...


June 24, 2009


You are always cautious,
not to reveal how you are

-You wouldn't

The heart.. So Powerful,
and yet, a man's weakness
is no different.

Scattering yourself
today, has challenged
you..Into you!

Emotions, dancing all
over the map, as the
restless Moon has us
bouncing from one
fantasy to another..

And so, instead of being
hard headed, keep
bringing your attention
back to what you should
be doing;
letting it go,
in this

-Simplicity.. My Love!


April 27, 2009

An evening with you..

Thinking of your presence
haunts me.. Excites
me..Intoxicate me.

Reciting every jester
every touch
every swim
then the look
of Passion
permeates the
room..As he takes
his beautiful Goddess to
ecstasy once again!

Music on the background
His lust rains on her soul

loving every inch of her
her flesh intertwine with
his soul, dissolved into
lust and love..

-It is magic between
you and I, my love!


March 06, 2009


When you find yourself
fearlessly melting away..

Erasing everything.

-Where do you
go from there?

..And you think
you know her?


He lies in her
bed..All she
does is recite

..and He, for
the first time;

-Behind her..He pulls
her hair.. biting her
neck..her ear.

"I'm gonna
FUCK you".

-Wrapping her hand
around his cock.

-He pulls; her 'fuckin'
dress up.

Sliding his hand
between her pussy
and her ass!

-As You pull out
Your Penis
before Me...


February 01, 2009


She takes pleasure in
her ability to sort through
a lot of data and figure
out what's most important;

-yet today this feels like
an uphill battle.

Paradoxically, her intellectual
means are working fine;

it's just that her imagination
is functioning even better..

-As she slips in and
out of fantasy,

it can reveal
about how;
you can
be even


June 14, 2008

Letting go..

Her ability to control
her erratic passion is
usually sufficient
to keep her from

-However, self-
is a

Unwieldy to
deal with
her needs;

the intensity of her
feelings are much
stronger than she

And even, if she
'Believes' she can
balance her inner
desires with the
outer restraints;

-it is challenging to
remain blissful if
she's unsatisfied.

..But, tonight he showed
her how deeply he loves
her.. And so, She let's go;

knowing..All she'd ever
is right here in
this room
lying beside
her..In her Bed!

If.. Only, everyone
were like you..


March 22, 2008

Why can't we say goodbye..?

When you're away
from me, I feel
painfully empty.

-aching, yearning,
needing you, only
you to touch me!

..This love that I have
for you
is in my heart,
it is mine to
enjoy, and play,
laugh, and dream,
and always remember
the sweetest pleasure
I have ever known!

"But I must keep it
hidden deep within

me.. Because it is the
thing that is
truly mine;

every second,
every minute,

every moment
spent together."

-The trick is coming back
to this moment with you.

It's hard work, cutting off
the last moment and entering
this One, but when I remember
to, I practice doing just that;

..you, smiling at me, as I walk
towards you, and drop all

-there you are, unknown to me,
with a smile on your face, and
you're alive and beautiful
and brand-new...Most times
I fall in love
with you all
over again.

..But then, whether
I want
to or not,

I have to let you go!

Again..and again..and again.


July 01, 2007

Under a blue moon

What makes someone fall in love...?

-Is it a feeling? A sudden
onslaught of emotion...?

-Is it an instant connection or
a comfortable friendship that
becomes something more?

...Sob uma lua azul; he will kiss her then,
slowly, possessively, deeply, leaving her in
no doubt that she is
the only woman he
wants...Now or ever.

-She flaunts her beauty before
him in all its splendor.

His eyes never leaves her.

-She knows she can
never escape the
power of this man.

Melting against him with desire, knowing
their bodies would soon
be coupled in
love, and
in that moment, he will hold
nothing back!

-If you find love,
if you're that lucky,
don't let it pass you by;

embrace it...Sem temor!

...E em Iemanja eu elogio.


February 04, 2007

Fantasy and reality

Imagine...I've been
brought to some
place against
my will.

Stripped naked
and the only
thing I'm allowed
to wear is a black
silk mask.

What ever powerful
man has brought
me here;

he does not want
the men whom
he has procured
me to know
who I am.

-He for some
reason wants
to protect me.

I never know
who he is, and he
himself would
never dare to
love me...

I just know that
he's somewhere
in the background,
enjoying this feeling
of power over me,

and the other men.

-They're so hot with desire
for me that they can barely
control themselves.

And He...Can take me
away from them when
ever he wants to.

In my mind, I imagine
the men...All big and
powerfully built.

They're naked,waiting
their turn with me.

Watching each other,
talking about various
techniques, and what
they're going to do
when their turn
comes with me.

-An endless supply
of men wanting to
fuck me, never
knowing who
I am.

...Yet I am
left naked,
needing to
feel your
breath on
my skin,
your tongue
on my clit,
your hard
cock in my

-Only you control
nly you canlove me...

-Why must he
tease her so...?


January 16, 2007

A baiana

She is the
of Iemanja.


-Just look at her...

Eyes intimate
and passionate;

in the sweetest
vulgar of desire.

...Her heart,
whispers the
truths of
and I...

-Give her
your love,

and she'll give
you everything.

...Everything your
heart desires.


December 25, 2006

Somewhere in time

The man of my dreams
has almost faded now.

The one I have
created in my mind.

The sort of man each
woman dreams of, in
the deepest and most
secret reaches of
her heart.

I can almost
see him now
before me.

What would I say
to him if he were
really here?

"Forgive me. I have
never known this
feeling. I have
lived without it
all my life. Is it
any wonder, then,
I failed to recognise
you? You, who brought
it to me for the first time.

Is there any way that I
can tell you how my life
has changed? Any way
at all to let you know what
sweetness you have
given me?

There is so much to
say. I cannot find
the words.

Except for these:

I love you."

-Such would I say
to him if he were
really here...

-Elise McKenna
(Somewhere in time)

--Her words speaks
to me...Still.


"I have not
what I know...Is
yet to come."


December 22, 2006

In the memory of Anu...

Water Fire

All of the elements came
together under the cool new moon;

Water; that which
gives life.

Fire; which is the passion
that burns in our hearts.

Air; which loves soars
high upon.

Earth; the dust from
which our bodies come
to this world.

and Woman;

she who gives all
she is creation.

Here among the elements,
they dance for her
sing for her
breathe for her
love her.

Five elements under
the moonless October sky.

Holding her hand,
he takes her to the
enchanted river.

The evening air was
mystical, electric,
yet serene, and peaceful.

Suddenly transported
into a different time;
an era which only we
could understand, embrace
and melt.

Music echoed off the
stone walls reflecting off
the shimmering water.

Teased by the fires, whose
embers rise high into the
air along the trailing
wisps of smoke.

The fire hypnotized their passion,
while desire danced in the flame
of their oneness.

A rose, plucked from the Earth herself,
her first kiss opening petals,
the sweet aroma filling her soul.

a simple symbol of everything
he promises her.

Darkness cloaks
fingers explore
lips meet, drawing closer
two souls who refuse to part.

Burning together.

Like the fires all around them...

Sparks flying in the still
of the night, reflecting
innocence, white heat and
hunger in their eyes.

He wants her.
She wants him.
And in these flames...

Among the elements of nature.

There is love.
There is nothing but the two of them.
Here, in this moment in time.

An eternity together, in the
blink of an eye.

They are one.

Lightness of the air
strength of the earth
stillness of the water
rage of the fire
beauty of her...

Yemanja & J...

Anu's blog

December 10, 2006


He invites her to
explore him;

to satisfy her curiosity,
to indulge her impulses,
to rid herself of her last
traces of fear...

She glances into his
blue eyes and sees that
he is completely aware
of the sensual sensations
she's experiencing;

compelling her to explore

She runs a tentative
fingertip along the
shaft of his cock,
from its root to its

A growl erupts from
his throat, arousing
him to the point where
he would lose control.

He captures her hand
in his and brings it to
her face. Then, he traces
her own finger along the
same path they had taken
on his body.

Brushing over her lips...She
gasps with pleasure...She
wanting more.

He dips her fingertips
into her sex...Then he
withdraws and takes
it into her mouth.

It's such a seductive
gesture that he melts
against her.

At last...He takes possession
of her mouth...His kisses
deepened and roughened
with his mounting desire
until she weakens with

Heat leaping between them,
arousing a smoldering need
that cries out to be quenched.

In his eyes, she is absolute

He reaches between her legs,
separating the delicate folds,
poised, knowing the flames
from the fire would heat her
soft flesh to hot silk.

Slowly...Firmly, he rubs the
swollen head of his cock
against her lips, thrusting
into her.

She gazes into his eyes, black
with passion...Her pussy closing
sleekly around him, and the hot,
sliding friction begins to build
in a tantalizing rhythm, taking
her higher until she is in a
frenzy of need...

Throwing back her head,
undulating her body, feeling
her shivers as he trusts into
her, then holding still to enjoy
her liquid tremors.

For him, magic
dances in the air...

--Entwined without
moving or speaking
for a long time;

knowing they have
been changed forever...


November 25, 2006


You lift me against you
burying your face in the
soft loveliness of my skin.

I know I could
never escape
the power of you.

I melt against your
desire, knowing
our bodies would
soon be coupled
in love, legs
as you plunge
inside me.

You ease my
back against
the sheets,
spreading my
red hair across
the pillows, touching
your mouth to every
inch of my skin.

Your desire simmering, exploding
in white-hot demand.

You love me in every way possible
for a man to love a woman.

My fingertips drifts
over your face, throat,
chest...Then curling my
fingers into yours,
so that our hands and
our hearts are joined.

...Feeling your breath
on my lips.

-Taunting our
hearts once more...


November 19, 2006

You and I

-Our love, was a journey
from the first blush
of physical attraction
to a marriage of souls...