July 01, 2007

Under a blue moon

What makes someone fall in love...?

-Is it a feeling? A sudden
onslaught of emotion...?

-Is it an instant connection or
a comfortable friendship that
becomes something more?

...Sob uma lua azul; he will kiss her then,
slowly, possessively, deeply, leaving her in
no doubt that she is
the only woman he
wants...Now or ever.

-She flaunts her beauty before
him in all its splendor.

His eyes never leaves her.

-She knows she can
never escape the
power of this man.

Melting against him with desire, knowing
their bodies would soon
be coupled in
love, and
in that moment, he will hold
nothing back!

-If you find love,
if you're that lucky,
don't let it pass you by;

embrace it...Sem temor!

...E em Iemanja eu elogio.



NWO said...

Have I ever mentioned that I just love reading what your write? Very nice.

Don said...

Excellent. You must be reading my mind; a lot of this poem seems to echo some recent events in my life, especially the part about "a comfortable friendship that becomes something more". Perhaps I'll show this one to that oh-so-comfortable friend... ;-)

ozymandiaz said...

knowing why peopel fall in love and the reasons for whom they fall in love with is akin to knowing the meaning of life
aint gonna happen

Anonymous said...

Yes! Seize the blue moon!

Xave said...

I miss you :-(

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (

Anonymous said...

Why have u given up on love

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