February 27, 2006


Here I am...

Wanting, waiting,
desire on fire,
perched on the
edge of a cliff...


Such a powerful word.

A woman.

Sacred, powerful
delicate, a goddess...

A man.

Wanting to touch,
penetrate, devour
and embrace.

If you ask,
she'll respond;

your wish is my

I am yours.

Hands on thighs,
breasts on cock,
chin on chest,
eyes on lips...

You are my man.

All is yours,
all is given
to you now.

Ah, the simplicity
of a spell with the
simplest words;

may I?



ozymandiaz said...

Well, may I?

Marc said...

The passion expressed here stirred my desire, compelling me to..........break the silence ;)


Steve said...

I love this.

I love the poems you write like this one, "Precious," "Femininity," "The Eyes"... God, they are so beautiful! So full of longing... desire... and believe it or not, I don't need the total "play by play" of undressing, licking, sucking, fucking, etc to get my temperature to rise... all I need is the "may I?"... the passionate, heartfelt longings and questionings that make up our intense desires.

Like "He yearns to discover,
she longs to surrender.

moving down
moving down
moving down

to the center of her soul,
reaching in, fingers melt
into her fire."

Truths like, "In the beauty of us,
flesh desire ecstasy
and trust."

Touch me so deeply...where I live and it my "home," honey.

Anyway...those poems mentioned above, I would be honored, if one day soon you let me republish them (those three in particular) on my blog...

"may I?"

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