March 15, 2006

Kiss me

Devilish red lips,
tongues lingering in
the memory of taste;

quietly penetrating the
depths of your soul,
revealing the splender
of us...

Given this moment;

Would you kiss me again?

To me;

Kissing is the invitation
to selfless intimacy
between two people
lingering in the
pleasures of love...


March 13, 2006

Only you

I am intrigued by
your mystery and
the power you
have over me


I feel your presence
You are under my spell

I know when you
think of me

you reveal yourself

and I love it...

My voice bewitches you

I am your wish... I am your deepest desire

our bodies yearn to touch
our hearts yearn to make love

I yearn for you...


March 11, 2006

My Pleasure

We call each other
everything that comes
to mind.

We tell each other to
fuck suck eat cum;
what ever we want.

The world's reduced
to this room.

The room..reeks of
sex and sweat.
We want to stay
in it forever.

We suck ice before
our tongues touch
it makes hot hotter.

I could go on and
on but with you
there is no end.

My pleasure is in
knowing the
abandonment you
have felt.

Seeing you change
from cool dominant
male to a man in the
throes of sexual

To take.

Laying you down
and me on top
orchestrating your
sounds of slow
surrender with
the shifting of my

The forbidden dirty
words whispered
in my voice.

Watching your gradual
loss of control.

No, control your loss
of control..

Until ultimately with
the pressure and
release of delicate
vaginal muscles on
your engorged cock.

You cum to me.


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