April 09, 2006

In my room

Incense dancing
in the candle light.

Nude...I slip into bed
pretending you're
lying next to me.

Smiling, comforting me,
making me feel so beautiful.

Your touch?


I wish I could hear
your voice whispering
in my ear;

passion vulgar desire
What I didn't count on
was the reality of silence...



Sally said...

Yemanja, I read something the other night which made me think of you. I'm not sure who wrote it, but it touched me, the way your posts do. This is for you: "You're beautiful, a starfall at night."

Any man who is lucky enough to be in your life is blessed with the unimaginable beauty of a true woman. So few exist these days...


Matt Kohai said...

OMG. This just screams out to me about the situation I'm going through now... As usual, you have moved me deeply...

Marc said...

Excellent elucidation on what it means to be alone...


ozymandiaz said...

Stirring and soulful, once again Yemanja you have succeded in soliciting emotion.

GEL said...

"What I didn't count on was the reality of silence."

Even before I heard you read this poignant piece of yours with deep emotion, I cried for you. I can hear your voice break at the end, dear Yemanja. I hoped reading/saying your work helps you heal.

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