April 28, 2006

This...Is us

--My touch...Whispers
my deepest desire.

You had never seen
a woman more beautiful
in her passion;

opening my thighs
wide, positioning the
head of your cock
against my pussy.

Slowly, firmly you
impale me with
one long thrust.

My hot cunt scalding
you as you cry out
in your passion.


all the things you will do
to me. How it will make
me feel and how exquisite
it is to be deep inside of me.

I want to surrender all
to your demanding
body...Wrapping my
legs high above
your head.

As you thrust deep
into me savagely
arousing me into

Adoring the throbbing
pulsating fullness deep
inside me.

Half mad with passion
crying, biting your
shoulders with
sharp little teeth.

Lost to the world.

Perched on the
edge of a cliff.

Refusing to
relent until we
achieve final
and complete
release in an
ecstasy of

erupting into me.

Crying out the
pure sensual
pleasure your
body brought
to me.

I hold you there.

Stroking your back
endlessly, from
to buttocks.

Kissing you fiercely
lavishing you with

You made me
feel luxuriant.

Giving me my happiness.

Knowing I could never
have enough of you.

As I tease myself to sleep...



Trée said...

Very powerful imagery you craft with your words Y. I feel as if I was there. :-)

NWO said...

I REALLY REALLY liked this one. Nice art, too. Much thanks.

Sally said...

"Knowing I could never
have enough of you."

Exactly. In love, I want to breathe in the very essence of that person. Taste them, touch them, have nothing between us but the touch of bare skin....


ozymandiaz said...

OH MY GOD! I'm not sure if I read that or experienced it or both. I fealt it all the way that is for sure.

Matt Kohai said...

Terribly erotic - I wish I could get my wife to read some of your work. Her Catholic guilt gland would probably secrete something to make her to go blind... ;-)

Beautiful work, m'dear - don't ever stop.

Billy Jones said...

Wow... steamy, I'm blushing...

I just wanted to invite you to submit your blog's RSS Feed to You can also use our Poetry Wire page to post poetry related announcements and if you like, your poetry as well. You retain rights to all your works and relative links back to your blog or other sites are welcome. -Billy Jones, AKA: Billy The Blogging Poet,

Trée said...

I forgot to mention dear, your skill with the audio has grown magnificently. Most excellent work sweetie. :-)

CourtesyZealot said...

One of these days I will learn not to read your enchanting works late at night... You are awesome!

yvaine said...

This is brilliant. You are prey and predator in the same breath.

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