May 04, 2006

Como preciso de você

It's all about sex,
we both know this.

But What I
wonder is why,


Every molecule of
desire in my body
has been satisfied,


The sudden moistening
deep fierce aching
and rising heat,


The throbbing glory
of release and the
cries of need and
pleasure have
dissolved into
the air...

Something like my
soul slips from me
and goes to you.

Without choice
or question
and wraps itself
around you all
night...Like the
breath of the
moon and why;

I carry the thought
of you as constant
as any sun in my heart?


this is an audio post - click to play


Crunchy Weta said...

Why?? perhaps something like soul slips from them to you too:-) I saw it once... it was black and hooded.

beautiful work.

ozymandiaz said...

Than mayhaps it is more than sex. Such thing do not happen without connection.

Trée said...

"The throbbing glory
of release"

Where oh where do you find these wonderful turns of phrase. I think this one will be on my mind in the days to come. :-D

As weta said, beautiful work Y.

Sally said...

Yemanja, I got chills and felt that desire rise in me as I read this.
Your words are mesmerizing, your talent breathtaking.
I'm in awe of the beautiful, sensual woman you are.

Nick Zegarac said...

You've managed to scrape the edge of that elusive bond that remains a mystery even after passion's sway. But is the desire and lust for soulful symbiosis through bodily exchange every truly satisfied?

Matt Kohai said...

Y., how do you do it? How do you manage to take my breath away with every poem? I'm completely blown away, yet again...

Trée said...

Your voice is no less than a siren call in the dark. I am amazed at how well your audio has become Y. Truly masterful my dear.

CourtesyZealot said...

It may have been all about sex, but I'll bet these two looked into each other's eyes as they made love.

Sally said...

I always wonder how a person such as yourself possesses such strength and beauty. What amazes me most is the way you channel it into the art of expression.
Dearest Y,
You have such a passion for life that you amaze me. More than once, your words have stirred up emotions in me that I thought I'd never feel again.
It's so funny that we never quite realize the impact we have on others lives...
If you only knew how many times I read the beauty that lives within you. That beauty, that truth, that fire, has brought me to tears, warmed my blood, and sent chills of desire through my body.

Never let anyone steal your fire, your passion, or your joy.
Without you, the world would be a drab place indeed.



NWO said...

Just when I think you cannot get any better, you do. What a gift you have, and what a gift you share with us.

yvaine said...

Then it was more than just sex. It may not be love, but a connection must have been made.

Or maybe a fraction of both their souls were soulmates once in a past, past life.

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