May 21, 2006

On this night

If I could for one
moment, be in this
love. In this happiness
I promise, I would
--could, give you
this love...

Come close to me
without fear.

I want you
to smile and
laugh and
play in this

I want you to use
every emotion
that should come
naturally to a
beautiful woman.

You've been kept
in a box...I've just
opened the lid.

When you are vastly
amused at something
I want you to laugh
so hard, you have
to hold your belly
while the tears run
down your face.

When you get angry
I want to see the
sparks fly from the
fire in your eyes.

I want to see you give
as good as you get.

I want to see you
twirl your red
curls and admire
yourself in every

I want to see you in a
full-blown passion over

You are so beautiful.

I will have to forget
your eyes, the moment
we say goodbye.

--I will have to spend
the rest of my life
forgetting about you.

But tonight, I want to
be close to you, to see
myself in your eyes
to have you next to me.

As if tonight
completes time...



Sally said...

"I will have to forget
your eyes, the moment
we say goodbye.

--I will have to spend
the rest of my life
forgetting about you."

When I heard this on your audio post, it brought me to tears. It touched my heart, and I felt such pain that accompanies a goodbye.
You are so beautiful it hurts. It's like looking at the sun. You want to look, but it's too much beauty to take in. Never change, Yemanja, you make me realize that anything is possible.

Matt Kohai said...

Holy cow! Y! Who's the lucky SOB? And where do I sign up for his job? ;-)

A beautiful poem, as usual - but what a surprise!

Cheesy said...

Dam Y, that piece is so powerful.. I can hear the words in my heart.. even if I can't hear them on this stupid dial up! ty for this awesome post

ozymandiaz said...

Absolutely beautiful post, Yemanja. Breathtaking. It would be an honor for anyone to collaborate with you. I personally haven't the fogiest idea how to podcast or I would fight my way to the front of the line.

HL said...

Nice read. I really like the idea of audio blogger-finally a good use of unlimited after hours cell phone time-also the time one would listen to this piece. [Portable Poetry Portal]

yvaine said...

This sent shivers up and down my spine.

You wrote it from a man's perspective? Bravo, talented woman!!!

You know, you should release a CD of your beautiful poems. An audio poetry book. That would be so lovely. I'd be one of the first in line!

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