July 30, 2006

Power of his kiss

Lips filled with desire
Yearning to devour

He takes possession
of my mouth just
as my scream
erupted. He kissed
me until my scream
turned to sighs.

He wanted to teach
my body to be so
sexually responsive,
that I would cum at
his touch.

He slid down on his
knees so that my
lower boby lay
across his thighs.

Then he slipped
one long finger
up inside me
and held it still.

By kisses alone
he intended to
bring me to

feeling my pussy
tighten, throb, and
pulsate as it gripped
and squeezed his

My thighs sprawled
open wantonly,
inviting him to
thrust, to plunge,
to slide, to surge,
but his finger

His tongue, however,
did all the things to
my mouth that
my body craved.

At last, he was
rewarded as he
became aware
of a pulse point
deep within.

He felt the exquisite
pulsations upon his
finger, feather light
at first, then becoming
stronger with a rhythm
that matched my

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