August 17, 2006

Once again

Quietly in the dark
-she appears in
his sleep.

Yearning, searching.
He finds her...

Vulnerable, wanting
to love and be loved.

His heart swells
the body surrenders
the senses ignites
the blood flows
and happiness begins.

Her touch, electrifying,
a spell with a kiss,
fearless desire,
her love...One of
a kind.

The deliciousness
of their sex;

in the
of touch...

She whispers;

"tell me, my longing
love had won
your own;

and all you've ever
known is right here
beside you and If you
could love me for a day,

would you blow your life
away...Would you come
running just to do
it all again?"



Steve said...


"the senses ignites
the blood flows
and happiness begins."

I love the thought of one person's longings winning another's. And, "amen" to "doing it all again..." ;)

Obrigado, Y!

Xave said...

The touch of your words was sorely missed. The days and nights were not the same without you. Not empty, but less "electric". Your poetic kisses are always appreciated. Welcome back. ;-D

ozymandiaz said...

Very very glad to have you back...
Few words found meet the sensuality of your writing.

Matt Kohai said...

Missed you, Y. And hey, is that photo on Steve's site of you? If so... whoah... ;-)

Anonymous said...

"the body surrenders
the senses ignites
the blood flows
and happiness begins."

My God, Yemanja, you always make a grand entrance, don't you? ;-)

Stunningly written. How is it that you bring so much more than just passion? It's beauty, a sensuality that is so rare that it leaves your senses stunned and the body craving more....

Anonymous said...

so you finally got your mojo...back

MagicalSis said...

Yes I am smiling and glad b/c you are back,luv.
This is HOT as always. It flows, like lava over the side of a volcano.

Hey, join us for a Gratitude List Wednesday. If you don't wanna post it on your blog, put in comments on mine or Xavier's, K???

Your great energy would be appreciated. It is all about the love and gratitude, my sista.


Cheesy said...

Finding your lover in your dreams is always a good nights rest... ty Y.. that was grand!

Intelfetish said...

Your erotica turn me on, attracts me, makes me see intimacy from an entirely different vantage point; as usual, great piece!!!

Megs said...

I would be honored if you would link to me, if I haven't already I will also link you...I love reading your poetry, you are extremely talented and I am very glad you're back :)

Trée said...

"His heart swells
the body surrenders
the senses ignites
the blood flows
and happiness begins."

Y, that is just about perfect. You never disappoint. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes I would come running again and again!!!!!!!

Nick Zegarac said...

A darkening sense of splendor filters through this ode to passion and simplicity made intricate in thoughts unleashed. Glad to see you're back in rare form.

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