September 23, 2006

What would love do now?

I know the steps
of this road.

I know nothing
will come of it.

It's secret I know
by heart.

And so;

here I go again
like a fool looks
for the desolation
of memories.

...I'm tired of knowing
new sad days, lonely


the poems I still write
to my love, to tell him
that this is wrong.

As he mistreats my
heart once again...



NWO said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my... I've been there, owned a house there. Sold it, aint never going... I hope.

(K) <-- kiss for Yemanja

Anonymous said...

Oh my dearest Yemanja,
My heart goes out to you.
Any man who could fail to see the beauty, the sweetness, and the love in your heart is a fool.

All my love,


Cheesy said...

Oh Y~~~ Sending healing hippie chick vibes to your heart and soul sweets....

MagicalSis said...

yes..this title is one that i may use in situations where i am sad b/c he is not responding the way i wish.

i can choose love or fear...

which one?

Matt Kohai said...

I'm glad to hear you're more upbeat than you were when you wrote your poem! (hug) Peace, my friend.

csperez said...


Anonymous said...


the Beatles sang ... 'all you need is love'. were they right? as a true admirer of this elusive 'love', I place the greatest value on the simple gestures and spoken words of love.

everyone says, "you will meet him when you least expect it." an interesting concept. I often ask couples that have been married for many years, how did they know he or she was the one. the answer is always the same, "You just know".

love and life together, seem to be at war. aren't they supposed to go hand in hand? you know, the right timing, the stars are aligned, yada yada . . . but then,

conflict arises and love isn't given the room to breathe. it is stifled by stress and the every day. not enough time to give to the chance of love. the effort needed to build a strong foundation isn't put in its right perspective.

and the two people are at war in conversation. what seems to be them having the same wants and needs, is lost in the art of conversing; perhaps both saying the same thing, only it comes out differently. and the two remain distant. separate. minds can change. what was once concrete and dependable, is now fleeting and on the run.

all the money in the world means nothing, without having that treasured soul to share it with. it's the simply treasures in life that mean the most. time together. laughter. a gentle kiss first thing in the morning. patience when conflict arises. allowing the other person to just be who they were meant to be, and encouraging them. supporting and knowing he or she is valuable. and although you could live without them, you wouldn't want to.

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