October 08, 2006

The game

The cool air breeze
on my skin...Thoughts of
you still in my dreams.

Under the Full Moon.

...How could it be?

-The smell of your
skin, feeling your
breath on me, you
by my side;

how could I resist...?

What's the meaning
of this crazy game?

Is it real?

...Take a deep breath
my love, don't be scared
of what you feel.

I assure you...You will
always be pleased.

...Tell me;

is it love...The fate of
this crazy game...?



Matt Kohai said...

I really like this one - less sexual, but more romantic. And who couldn't use a little more romance every now and then, right? ;-)

ozymandiaz said...

if love it is, it will certainly be crazy...

Anonymous said...

"My baby takes the mornin' train"...

Your prose always inspires me. Whether it's to be more sensual, more seductive, or just plain happy.

Anonymous said...

And what if the fate is togetherness, but not love?

Anonymous said...

really, really beautiful...

thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Love ya too!

You let me know that women are beautiful creatures with a well of seductive enchantment that is only waiting to be tapped.

I know what you look like and you are even more beautiful than your poetry (if that's possible).

MagicalSis said...
So wonderful and scary all at once.

If i surrender to it, will my heart survive another possible breakage?

But...if i do not risk, the joy of it will be lost.

Yes...Love is the fate of all the crazy games.

Nice post, Y.

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