October 05, 2006


I am a woman.
I am a temptress.
I am a creator.
I am a mother.
I am your Goddess...


fear over whelms you.

And the unknown
blinds you;

You indulge in
my sex, lingering
in the softness of
my warmth, tasting
my fire, losing yourself
in my tenderness.

Yearning to be my
heart's desire!

Tell me;

For how much longer
can you hold on
to me this way?

For how much
longer can I cry
this way?

Why not;
loose yourself
in my embrace?

Why not;
raise my hand
to your lips...Look
into my eyes...Kiss
the palm of my

Why not SHOW me
how much you love


"If you
only knew
the beauty
of your own



Matt Kohai said...

Glad to see you're back, my friend! (big warm hug)

Anonymous said...

As lovely a poem as any you have written, yet diferent. When you find the answers to your questions you will no doubt share them with us in a string of poems or at least that is my wish.

Truth or Dare? Please play with me. ;-D

Anonymous said...

You're wonderful!

And like a winner, you always rise to meet the challenge.

Beautiful, darlin.

Love ya,


NWO said...

You will be fine. Enjoy that embrace, enjoy being free to be with one.

Cheesy said...

So pleased to see a new post sweets! You've been missed...
Hugs gurlie!

MagicalSis said...

oh yes...his vulnerability is so beautiful, even moreso because he is always hiding it.
it is found by gazing deep in his eyes, or when i cry.
i did a piece about my brown-eyed lover called "missionary slut."
i have this knack of looking past the hard macho and seeing the little boy, no matter how much he trys to hide it.
i need him to me a Man and a dominant one at that, glad that he is!!

Anonymous said...


Our softness threatens them all yet draws them closer and closer...

You are lovely as always.


Anonymous said...

you got to me with this one...

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