December 25, 2006

Somewhere in time

The man of my dreams
has almost faded now.

The one I have
created in my mind.

The sort of man each
woman dreams of, in
the deepest and most
secret reaches of
her heart.

I can almost
see him now
before me.

What would I say
to him if he were
really here?

"Forgive me. I have
never known this
feeling. I have
lived without it
all my life. Is it
any wonder, then,
I failed to recognise
you? You, who brought
it to me for the first time.

Is there any way that I
can tell you how my life
has changed? Any way
at all to let you know what
sweetness you have
given me?

There is so much to
say. I cannot find
the words.

Except for these:

I love you."

-Such would I say
to him if he were
really here...

-Elise McKenna
(Somewhere in time)

--Her words speaks
to me...Still.


"I have not
what I know...Is
yet to come."



Yemanja said...

This is my favorite movie in the whole world!


Merry Christmas... :-)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas my dear. The thought expressed is so beautiful. I myself have written (and lost) many poems to and about that perfect woman. Well, perfection does not exist, butI found something better: A woman who loves me as I am and who I love as she is! :-)

Peace and Love,

Hope we meet some day

ozymandiaz said...

A line from a differant movie

"she was everything that I ever wanted...before I knew what I wanted...
before I met you..."

Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful it brought me to tears.
Thank you, Yemanja for always being so eloquent with what you share. You somehow capture the moment drenched in warmth and golden sunshine. You gracefully pick up on what I seem to muddle and stammer through.
Love you,

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