August 18, 2012


Her memories are on full blast;

as she wraps herself 
into soft silk silhouette, 
her excitement grows.  

Filling her with such longing.

It is precisely the
feeling she's been
starving for.

To be with a man in
such a way that the mere
presence of him,
even miles away;
can make her
tremble and
soften and melt!

She knows what she wants.

She wants you to feel what her Sex
does to you..  Feel her heart pounding,
indulging in her lust, rediscovering your
Mastery..Your Vulgar.

You Are in Control.

You know what she needs, yet
you give her what she wants.

...The one who matters most.



Marc said...

You write with your heart, which makes you such a rare breed.

I can relate to the love of mystery ;)


Pat Paulk said...

Your poem has fire, and that makes it flamable to those who read it!

Nick Zegarac said...

Truly poetic - supple charms abound in this great evocative twitter of romantic lust and creative integrity intermingled.

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