May 10, 2014


You've waited for me.
I contain all..

Nothing is lacking.
Yet, for you all was lacking.

The femininity of the right woman.

I draw you close to me.
I cannot let go of you.

You love to give me everything
I've ever wanted...Every wish of
love, every emotion, every desire.

To be fucked by you
is to be loved by you deeply..

In our moments, there is no
other place I'd rather be.
You are the one I desire most..

And in these hours, I've never
needed someone so badly

Every touch, every kiss, every
orgasm, every confession, in the
little deaths of pleasure, yearning,
needing, wanting to let go!
..We are like no other.



Sally-Sal said...

It gave me chills. That was beautiful. The intense pleasure a man "the man" can give.

I love it! Your writing is so powerfully seductive.

Love you,


Trée said...

Perfect darlin'. You never fail to amaze. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

Megs said...

I seriously relate to this are such a talented writer :)

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