December 22, 2014

Self Awakening

Their first coupling
was savage of

The second was slow
and sensual;
~She writhe for an hour
moaning and frenzied
until you decide to
bring her to ecstasy.

The third time, you
made love to her;
~cherishing and
worshiping her
with your being
until she dissolved in
liquid tremors
yielding everything
she'd ever wanted from you.

Feeling exultant, you had
the means to give her
everything she need.

...In those moments
you freed her;
binding her to
you forever!


November 26, 2014

Sweet, like no other..

He enjoyed the aftermath
of the storm--almost as
much as the tempest

He laid still, while
she lay prone, full
upon him, her head
cushioned on
his chest.

This was how
he liked to make
her...Soft and

His hands absently
stroked her curves
his lips brushed
the top of her head.

He felt bemused
bewitched..his sex stirs
between their bodies.

The appetite for her
was seemingly
insatiable.  Would he
ever have enough of her?

He kisses her then,
slowly, possessively,
deeply, leaving her in
no doubt that;

she was the only
woman he wanted
now and ever.


October 10, 2014


Precious how a man
loves a woman.

When all is well.

Admiring her
Pleasuring her
Loving her.

Restrictions posed
on her, she resists.
Pulls away.

by his wrath.

He; ready to
burn her at the

Suddenly, precious
is no longer...

Trust and betrayal
intertwine, she is
left alone.

Unable to trust her
heart again.

How can he proclaim true
love, yet be fooled by his
own demise?

Precious in the eyes
of the beholder, as
long as she is obedient.

Pride and jealousy betrays
him once again.

He is now alone;

yearning, wanting to
see her vulnerability
again. To be able to
watch her open
once more.

He will forever be
haunted, knowing he
will never find such
beauty again...


September 06, 2014

After the storm

Wet from our play in
the rain, my dress,
drenched and clinging
to my body.

You, slowly peel it away
from my breasts. Then
you do the same with
my now, transparent

Pushing the garments down
until they were below my

you reach down
with both hands
slowly slipping up
my wet legs and
thighs, reaching
my bare ass.

Pressing me
forward, as you
dip your head
to tongue the
wetness from
my breasts.

Your mouth moved
closer to my nipples,
so, too, did your hands
slide round to my moans.

At the same moment,
your tongue snaked out
to lick the taut tip of
my breast, while
your thumbs pressed
opened the pink wet
folds between
my legs.

Then, you

“It excites you when
a man puts his hands
up your dress… It makes
You think he is doing
something wicked
making you feel

I gasped, as you
drew one fingertip
along my flower.

Smiling up at him,
yearning from excitement
I knew he had only
just Begun...


June 12, 2014

Embracing Femininity

He licked and tasted her
from throat to navel delicately.
Then his mouth devoured
her breasts.  At the same
time his fingers alternately
drew circles about her
engorged pink fleur!

She uttered incoherent
love sounds as he played
with her body, arousing
sensations she’d never
dreamed a woman
could feel.

She surrendered her body
to his hands and mouth
expressing her joy with
such surprise, he could
tell she had never been
pleasured like this before.

As she lays before him
in naked splendor, while
his seductive needy eyes
enraptures her into
what's to come..


May 10, 2014


You've waited for me.
I contain all..

Nothing is lacking.
Yet, for you all was lacking.

The femininity of the right woman.

I draw you close to me.
I cannot let go of you.

You love to give me everything
I've ever wanted...Every wish of
love, every emotion, every desire.

To be fucked by you
is to be loved by you deeply..

In our moments, there is no
other place I'd rather be.
You are the one I desire most..

And in these hours, I've never
needed someone so badly

Every touch, every kiss, every
orgasm, every confession, in the
little deaths of pleasure, yearning,
needing, wanting to let go!
..We are like no other.


May 03, 2014

A greater love

He towers above her for a
moment, as his mouth
descends in total possession.

She did not want to think
only to feel, and he made
it so easy.

Gazing up into his eyes
as if seeing him for the
first time.  He was all male
demanding persistent
and protective..

He appealed to every one
of her womanly senses.  She
could hardly bear waiting for
him to take her.

-His body promising to do
all her bidding.

As his passion mounts by leaps
and bounds, her fear diminishes
then vanishes altogether as the
powerful emotion of lust
obliterates all else.

Her Sex looked like flaming petals
of fire..  He needed had to touch her
taste her and thrust himself into her.
All at once..

Lifting her onto his cock and gasping
at the deep pleasure he felt.

-She clings to him as if her 
life depended on him.  

She cried out with sheer

pleasure..frenziedly wrapping 
her thighs about him.

They moaned incoherent dark
words against each other's
sensitized flesh.  Thrusting savagely
he hung on...Tormented and then
rewarded when he heard her screams;
as she spent with him.

-Collapsing upon him thirsting 
for more, she realized;

They are so alike, they give all and

take all at the same time..


April 08, 2014

Once again

You pull me against you
burying your face in the
soft loveliness of my skin.

She knew she could
never escape
the power of you!

Melting against
your desire, knowing
your bodies would
soon be coupled
in love, legs
as you plunge
inside her.

Easing her
back against
the sheets,
spreading her
red hair across
the pillows, touching
your mouth to every
inch of her skin.

Your desire for her simmers
exploding in white-hot heat.

You love her in every way
possible for a man to love
a woman.

Her fingertips drifting
over your face and throat
and chest...Curling her
fingers into yours, so
that your hands and
hearts are joined.

Feeling your breath
on her lips, taunting
each other in delight
once again..


March 28, 2014

Safely in Emotion

...Within the twilight of
ecstasy his heart touches
every part of her.

His eyes licking over her
body like a candle flame.

Fingers slowly circling
her pinkest flesh.

Sensations like threads
of fire penetrating her,
spreading deliciousness
into her.

Scalding her with a brand
of excitement she'd never
experienced before.

Reclining before him,
legs apart, rendering
herself completely
vulnerable to his

Feeling wickedly
sex erupts...Bloom
in emotion.

-He is stunned.

...Then joy rises up in him,
filling his heart with the fiercest

love he had ever known.


March 21, 2014


Lying together, kissing
many kisses;

soft pecks, sensual
touching of lips,
a strong moist union.

Brushing kisses across
her shoulder and up
her neck.

There you linger...

Tongues touching
penetrating retreating
and again going deep
searching for the soul.

All the while, your hands
move exploring with

Mapping the contour
of waist and hips.

Smoothness of back and
curve of breasts.

For you, there is only this
moment--it is your total

Your hands on her breasts;
delicate smooth rising swell.

Finding nipples erect
fingers stirring passion
in slow circles.

With lips and tongues
still joined, her hand
embraces your cock.

Teasing with the
lightest touch.

Your tongue circles
her nipple, your hand
now free, moving down.

Fingers passing through
bare skin, exploring 

Tracing excitement!

Bringing it back to
the swollen elusive
pleasure spot..

Where your fingers
like your tongue above
begins a movement
of circular play.

Moving round and round
you moan, and I yelp with
glee before you; ...

her breathing changes..

Your excitement quickens.

She cries out...

You continue, her 
pleasure continues..


February 26, 2014


What our sex is
we don't know
but it must be
some sort of fire.

For it always
a sense of warmth,
of glow...And when
the glow becomes
a pure shine
then we feel
the sense of

This...For me,
is pure magic.


February 01, 2014

Here with me

He lies beside her.

Her breasts uncovered
by the sheets--he couldn't
take his eyes from her.

The scent from her warm
body stole to his nostrils
making his desire rampant.

What a fool he had been
last night. He had her
naked in the bed, her
body so willing and
responsive. It had
arched against his
when he kissed her

He knew he wouldn't
be able to hold out
much longer before
he claimed her body.

As he stood before her,
he saw how beautiful
she was and a protective
feeling rose up in him and
threatened to engulf him.

He ruthlessly crushed
it down.

He would not allow his
heart to become entangled
in this seduction. Perhaps
he had made a tactical
mistake...By holding off until
she craved him, he'd let his
own craving become that
of a ravenous beast.

If he wasn't careful
she would become an

Aroused..She waits;

for your hard cock
to press against
the side of her cheek;

slapping the head of
your cock on her red
lips for the first time.

-Waiting for you to say
her name as her tongue
reaches out to taste

All she could think
about was;

Your tongue in her cunt
nibbling on her clit
twisting her nipples
as hard as you could
Before entering her
deep and hard.

When your cock
slides between her
lips and onto her
tongue, she gasps
for more.

You push your cock
against the back of
her throat, as she
moves with your
hand and you guide
her mouth to the
bottom of your shaft,
pushing out her tongue
to slide between the
cushion of your balls
and she smiles!

She gaze into your
eyes as you use
her warm wet mouth
for your pleasure..

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