April 08, 2014

Once again

You pull me against you
burying your face in the
soft loveliness of my skin.

She knew she could
never escape
the power of you!

Melting against
your desire, knowing
your bodies would
soon be coupled
in love, legs
as you plunge
inside her.

Easing her
back against
the sheets,
spreading her
red hair across
the pillows, touching
your mouth to every
inch of her skin.

Your desire for her simmers
exploding in white-hot heat.

You love her in every way
possible for a man to love
a woman.

Her fingertips drifting
over your face and throat
and chest...Curling her
fingers into yours, so
that your hands and
hearts are joined.

Feeling your breath
on her lips, taunting
each other in delight
once again..

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