May 10, 2014


You've waited for me.
I contain all..

Nothing is lacking.
Yet, for you all was lacking.

The femininity of the right woman.

I draw you close to me.
I cannot let go of you.

You love to give me everything
I've ever wanted...Every wish of
love, every emotion, every desire.

To be fucked by you
is to be loved by you deeply..

In our moments, there is no
other place I'd rather be.
You are the one I desire most..

And in these hours, I've never
needed someone so badly

Every touch, every kiss, every
orgasm, every confession, in the
little deaths of pleasure, yearning,
needing, wanting to let go!
..We are like no other.


May 03, 2014

A greater love

He towers above her for a
moment, as his mouth
descends in total possession.

She did not want to think
only to feel, and he made
it so easy.

Gazing up into his eyes
as if seeing him for the
first time.  He was all male
demanding persistent
and protective..

He appealed to every one
of her womanly senses.  She
could hardly bear waiting for
him to take her.

-His body promising to do
all her bidding.

As his passion mounts by leaps
and bounds, her fear diminishes
then vanishes altogether as the
powerful emotion of lust
obliterates all else.

Her Sex looked like flaming petals
of fire..  He needed had to touch her
taste her and thrust himself into her.
All at once..

Lifting her onto his cock and gasping
at the deep pleasure he felt.

-She clings to him as if her 
life depended on him.  

She cried out with sheer

pleasure..frenziedly wrapping 
her thighs about him.

They moaned incoherent dark
words against each other's
sensitized flesh.  Thrusting savagely
he hung on...Tormented and then
rewarded when he heard her screams;
as she spent with him.

-Collapsing upon him thirsting 
for more, she realized;

They are so alike, they give all and

take all at the same time..

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