October 10, 2014


Precious how a man
loves a woman.

When all is well.

Admiring her
Pleasuring her
Loving her.

Restrictions posed
on her, she resists.
Pulls away.

by his wrath.

He; ready to
burn her at the

Suddenly, precious
is no longer...

Trust and betrayal
intertwine, she is
left alone.

Unable to trust her
heart again.

How can he proclaim true
love, yet be fooled by his
own demise?

Precious in the eyes
of the beholder, as
long as she is obedient.

Pride and jealousy betrays
him once again.

He is now alone;

yearning, wanting to
see her vulnerability
again. To be able to
watch her open
once more.

He will forever be
haunted, knowing he
will never find such
beauty again...

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