June 12, 2014

Embracing Femininity

He licked and tasted her
from throat to navel delicately.
Then his mouth devoured
her breasts.  At the same
time his fingers alternately
drew circles about her
engorged pink fleur!

She uttered incoherent
love sounds as he played
with her body, arousing
sensations she’d never
dreamed a woman
could feel.

She surrendered her body
to his hands and mouth
expressing her joy with
such surprise, he could
tell she had never been
pleasured like this before.

As she lays before him
in naked splendor, while
his seductive needy eyes
enraptures her into
what's to come..



ozymandiaz said...

It is sad, is it not, that the simple effort and kindness of giving is such a rare thing? I have seen the effects first hand. Many times I've heard a woman say she had never been treated so well when the treatment was nothing more than...

Anonymous said...

Because she is beautiful.....Mick

MagicalSis said...

this made me feel very good...thinking of times when this gift has been given to me and vice versa.

NWO said...

Thanks for returning with your wonderful words. An eye feast.

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