August 14, 2017


Red desire in the samba of her soul,
revealing the passion of a woman.

Naked femininity undressed
in the bliss of a moment.

Remembering the touch
that melts her defenses.

A delightful obsession in the little
deaths of vulnerability.

Beautiful confessions to the
man she yearns to love.


July 23, 2017


Her mind races to find
the answers which may
never come..

Her beauty and talent
are seldom enough to
fulfill her desire.

She is always trying
to prove something;
mainly to herself.

No matter how
much she may
feel emotionally
beat up by others;

she always beats
herself up more
than anyone else
ever could.

-Simple elegance
always pleasures

Sincerity reaches
right through her
armor and touches
her heart.

She is more delicate
then she shows..

She desires affection
showered on her by
one devoted man;

if You can meet her
standards and be
patient enough to
stick around!

You'll be in line for
some of the sweetest
love under the Sun!

Her love is a pure
flow of energy!

It is rarely

It is Quiet

It is Sensual

-Would you dare love her, to feel
your heart for a second..?


May 20, 2017

Lost in words

Across the room, he
stands a little in the
distance watching her.

His face detailed
by an emotion that
his mind has not
yet named.

She can feel the warmth
of his stare on her cheek
she looks up and steals
back to his stare.

He barely sees her.. 
It is only desire that
he is registering.

+Actual and Imagined

Turning her gaze openly
to his.. he scans her face
for evidence of truth.

Her longing for him was
less raw than his for her.
his eyes never deserted

He takes her hand in
his and she feels the
supple strength, the
firm possessive
reassurance of his
intentions for her.

-Flushed! .. she raises
her eyes to his, resting
his forehead against hers.

-It is a moment of the
purest intimacy. 

He smiles into her
eyes, then bends his
cheek close to hers
to whisper her senses;

I just want to touch you.
Nothing else. I just want to
know the truth of you.

.. Reclined before him
unseen by anyone,  he lifts
the hem of her dress.

His fingers persistent,
determined against her
flesh..With the power
and sureness of touch
that only true desire
can bring; and She melts
in the exquisite rawness
of his touch.
  . It was like someone
crossing a line..

This is what he longed to know;
the truth of his response to her.
It is this that is the invention
of love.

As he yearns to touch her
once more..


May 13, 2017

Within their world

They undress in silence
each knowing that the most
sacred rituals should be
performed naked.

As they played and kissed, they felt
the world recede, leaving them alone
in their intimate paradise, before the
fire and the moon.

Their play were both intemperate
and incautious, plumbing the depths
of joy and freedom until at last she
threw herself with quivering abandon
into his arms. Enfolding her in his 
arms she felt a heady bond of 
trust and lust.

Closing her eyes, she knew it
would be impossible to feel 
happier than she did at 
this moment.

They needed no words, yet
the longing to touch was like
a hunger in the blood.

She began to whisper his
name with heart-scalding
hunger. . . Setting his mouth
against her throat, so that
she would not stop saying
his name.

He ran his fingertips along
the valley between her breasts,
down to her navel, then dipping
them between her legs touching
the very core of her center.

He lifts his scolded fingers to
her mouth; “taste" he insists.

Then watching him dip his fingers 
back into her fire with slumbering
eyes as he sucks her honeyed
essence from his finger tips,
before her..


May 03, 2017

Her Magic

Is the way she can grasp the
depths of their Oneness..

In the brief moment
spent together, joy
blooms.. Sweet
hot candy.. Beyond
the ability of her mind!

To grasp that moment
of raw sensual power
defies explanation;

it must be demonstrated
to be understood as it
thrives in the moment.

And in that moment, his
soul awakens, finding
peace in the arms
of his Nirvana;

-to feel her power
release itself to him.

His only existence
is to pleasure her.

He could never
explain why, it
is what he most

knowing they are
the only Ones who
knows it..


April 26, 2017

Before sunset

Eyes closed, she
can see it all..

The intensity
of their stare
in ecstasy;

how she loves
to seduce him so

Their kiss was more
then just play
it was an awakening
into their wickedness.

Heat and hunger
perverse and raw
sensual emotions
liberating their Sex
into each other's

Where desire
and Love

As every time we do this
I am your everything.


April 23, 2017


The only one I want
to caress is you.

You watch the
changing light
in the sky.

I watch your eyes...


April 21, 2017


Under the thick blanket
of night, her feminine
scent fills the air.

A dark blindfold that
masks everything
but her sex.

Words are not necessary
They speak in touches now.

Palms open on soft skin
fingers dance along small

He yearns to discover
she longs to surrender.

moving down
moving down

to the center of her soul
reaching in, fingers melt
into her fire.

Tongue pierces folds of lust
swimming in hot liquid
opening petal by petal
watching you
watch me.

Building a slow fire
witches brew of lust
and desire.

Pink shades of pleasure
fill his mouth, with the
sweet and pure essesence
of her.

As she submits and
reveals herself
to him...


April 18, 2017

When he Found her

She reached out and
curled her hand
into his..

His eyes searched
her face in a breathless
moment, then slowly
he drew her hand
to his lips, kissing
the tip of each finger.

A frisson of pleasure
spiraled deep in my belly
and high in my breasts.

..I have never been more
aware, that I am Female
in my life..You are
definitely Male.. All

The way she felt was
nothing new.. He always
affected her this way.

She is able to submerge
her thoughts of him, but
that only makes her dream
of him the more vivid.

When I'm with you like this
I have no control over my
feelings or emotions what
so ever..You;

always have a way of
keeping me off-balance
with a sense of joy that
(is) beyond happiness.

She never knows what
next to expect from him..


April 17, 2017


The voracity of their
passion was an appetite
undeniably beheld
and aware.

For weeks
romance has
enraptured an
abyss deeply
endured in the
most inner
secrets of
their hearts.

As the weeks
become days
and days
become hours
and hours
become minutes;

awaiting in


April 15, 2017

Yearning to the Universe

I dreamed of you
last night.  As I do
every night.

You have invaded
my sleep.  My skin
tingles at the thought
of you.

I have sat for hours
and wondered how
you would feel. How
you would touch me.

You look for me in 
all the faces of the
women you pass by.

For my love, it's
our destiny, you
belong to me..


April 09, 2017


How in each other's arms
we lay confounded and
dissolved...Which should be
most lost?

Flaming kisses
plunging into
boundless blisses.

Our bodies, our
souls on fire.

Tossed by a tempest
of desire licked out
in salty patterns
on sex sweated skin.

"Before dawn I shall
make love to you
again and again

-Her eyes were bravely
provocative yet, he
suspected that she
was more than half
afraid of what was
to come, though
she would rather
die than admit it.

Awakened and alive with
wonder...She touches the
tip of her tongue to his lips
knowing it would tempt him
to devour her mouth.

She paints his body with
curly brushes of red hair,
which, at times, he smooth
back from her face so that
they could see themselves in
true and unveiled mirrors.

..He kisses her senselessly
touching her everywhere
warming her...Mesmerized
by her gaze;

proceeding to
prove her right..


April 08, 2017


All their senses were
attuned to each other.

He watched her flaunt her
beauty before him, and his
bluest eyes told her just
how lovely he found her.

Listening to his voice
she felt her skin tighten
her blood tingle with
excitement, and her
body stir with passion.

Being here together
was perfectly sublime
Sublimely perfect.

They needed no words
yet the longing to touch
was like a hunger
in the blood.

Leaving them in
an intimate abandon
as they enfold each
other before the Fire.


April 02, 2017


-She trembles with the sound
of his voice.

There were a million things
he wanted to say to her..

Her nearness affected him
physically, as it always did.  

She fought the urge to
stiffen and resist him
but couldn't.  He was
to powerful.

Touching her
pinkest lips
he immediately
felt the blood
drumming in
his fingertips
his throat
even the
soles of
his feet.


They were nothing
compared to the
blood-throb of
his erection.

He never felt
a woman this
wet before.

The urge to pounce 
her over whelmed him
Licking her with hot
breathes and flicks of
his tongue!

...the heat within her 
permeated..lingered desire splashes
onto their thighs
like Hot Rain!

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