April 02, 2017


-She trembles with the sound
of his voice.

There were a million things
he wanted to say to her..

Her nearness affected him
physically, as it always did.  

She fought the urge to
stiffen and resist him
but couldn't.  He was
to powerful.

Touching her
pinkest lips
he immediately
felt the blood
drumming in
his fingertips
his throat
even the
soles of
his feet.


They were nothing
compared to the
blood-throb of
his erection.

He never felt
a woman this
wet before.

The urge to pounce 
her over whelmed him
Licking her with hot
breathes and flicks of
his tongue!

...the heat within her 
permeated..lingered desire splashes
onto their thighs
like Hot Rain!



Trée said...

Hot Rain--very evocative. :-)

ozymandiaz said...

There you are!
I had suspected your depaerture form the blogging world, lamented I should say. No one matches your visceral writing.
Thanks for coming back

shea said...

That is a great painting and I love how you write.

NWO said...

GAWD girl, sometimes i think our lives run in parallel. Glad you're back.

Xave said...

sublime eroticism at it's best.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Marc said...

Smiling, again.

Anonymous said...

hot rain indeed.


i missed your writing!!

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