April 09, 2017


How in each other's arms
we lay confounded and
dissolved...Which should be
most lost?

Flaming kisses
plunging into
boundless blisses.

Our bodies, our
souls on fire.

Tossed by a tempest
of desire licked out
in salty patterns
on sex sweated skin.

"Before dawn I shall
make love to you
again and again

-Her eyes were bravely
provocative yet, he
suspected that she
was more than half
afraid of what was
to come, though
she would rather
die than admit it.

Awakened and alive with
wonder...She touches the
tip of her tongue to his lips
knowing it would tempt him
to devour her mouth.

She paints his body with
curly brushes of red hair,
which, at times, he smooth
back from her face so that
they could see themselves in
true and unveiled mirrors.

..He kisses her senselessly
touching her everywhere
warming her...Mesmerized
by her gaze;

proceeding to
prove her right..


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