April 18, 2017

When he Found her

She reached out and
curled her hand
into his..

His eyes searched
her face in a breathless
moment, then slowly
he drew her hand
to his lips, kissing
the tip of each finger.

A frisson of pleasure
spiraled deep in my belly
and high in my breasts.

..I have never been more
aware, that I am Female
in my life..You are
definitely Male.. All

The way she felt was
nothing new.. He always
affected her this way.

She is able to submerge
her thoughts of him, but
that only makes her dream
of him the more vivid.

When I'm with you like this
I have no control over my
feelings or emotions what
so ever..You;

always have a way of
keeping me off-balance
with a sense of joy that
(is) beyond happiness.

She never knows what
next to expect from him..



ozymandiaz said...

Yup, keep em guessing, that's what I always say. Well, actually, I never really SAY it, but it is implied. And well, maybe not guessing, more like baffled or confused or just WTF. But the outcome is the same...

Cheesy said...

Oh Y that was lovely...
" A frisson of pleasure
spiraled deep in my belly
and high in my breasts."
I FELT that while reading and in real life.... BEAUTIFUL

NWO said...

Yemanja: I love how your poetry celebrates maleness and femaleness, and how you capture all that so well. Just like the photo on your profile, you show enough, but not too much. What a gift!

CourtesyZealot said...

You captured that connection we feel when desire is hot you can feel the hormones running through your veins, smell the sent of her mutual desire on her skin, the hot touch when you place a hand on the small of her bare back. The attraction feeds on itself... I get dizzy just thinking about it!

Matt Kohai said...

You have a way of making my head lose control with these poems of yours, Y. I'm as off-balance as the subject speaking your lines, here...

...but what a way to go... ;-)

May you never lose your gift, Y.

CourtesyZealot said...

Yemanja, I really like your new profile picture! Like I said, I am a big time sucker for red heads!

yvaine said...

"I had never been more
aware, that I am Female
in my life. You were
definately Male. All

Oh so beautiful, Yemanja. This is a sensation I long to feel, and you captured the desire so perfectly in these words.

znuirs said...

a frisson of glance... who knows what to expect of such magic it presses for us, for you are the queen of lovers, and their expressions, O fiery one.

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