May 03, 2017

Her Magic

Is the way she can grasp the
depths of their Oneness..

In the brief moment
spent together, joy
blooms.. Sweet
hot candy.. Beyond
the ability of her mind!

To grasp that moment
of raw sensual power
defies explanation;

it must be demonstrated
to be understood as it
thrives in the moment.

And in that moment, his
soul awakens, finding
peace in the arms
of his Nirvana;

-to feel her power
release itself to him.

His only existence
is to pleasure her.

He could never
explain why, it
is what he most

knowing they are
the only Ones who
knows it..



curiousgirl said...

i am so glad to see you are back...i was concerned because every time i find a blog i enjoy they seem to wither away into the land of the "abandoned blogs"...


NWO said...

Ahhh, Yemanja, you always amaze AND excite me. Very powerful stuff.

Marc said...

Warm, passionate, absolute you.


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