June 08, 2017

Long Stem Roses..

She wonders;

"How could I instill such 
passion into this man, 
Giving imagery in parts?"

His words, his recitations

are brilliant.  They rapture 
and imprison her into a 
world they have yet to 
explore  ..  

To imagine her under 
his spell taking her,
and pleasuring not 
only her senses but 
mostly her being.  

His words; like a whisper
to the most secretive 
place within  herself.  

He knows how to
deconstruct and
render his words
in the rawest intimacy
she could only imagine.

-Exploring between
each other's passion
attentiveness and love.

..As he will soon find
what her red flushed 
full lips will feel like 
against his flesh 
and his Soul..


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