July 23, 2017


Her mind races to find
the answers which may
never come..

Her beauty and talent
are seldom enough to
fulfill her desire.

She is always trying
to prove something;
mainly to herself.

No matter how
much she may
feel emotionally
beat up by others;

she always beats
herself up more
than anyone else
ever could.

-Simple elegance
always pleasures

Sincerity reaches
right through her
armor and touches
her heart.

She is more delicate
then she shows..

She desires affection
showered on her by
one devoted man;

if You can meet her
standards and be
patient enough to
stick around!

You'll be in line for
some of the sweetest
love under the Sun!

Her love is a pure
flow of energy!

It is rarely

It is Quiet

It is Sensual

-Would you dare love her, to feel
your heart for a second..?



Anonymous said...

You pulled the words right out of my heart.

Thank you for being able to say (so eloquently) what I struggle to define.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

sally has said what i too feel...i felt like you were writing about me, and i even scrolled down to see if you had written it for me! : )

but thank you for sharing...

you once said to me that feminism is powerful, sexy, assertive...

however, i must add your words here to the list...for it is the true definition of be a woman so strong and full of lucky for anyone to know such a person...

NWO said...

I wouldn't dare NOT to love her. *sigh* You're a gem Ms. Yemanja.

MagicalSis said...

"...Would you dare
love her, to feel
your heart
for a second...?"

This is a superb line.

This reminds me when I am trying to convince myself that I am enough.

Anonymous said...

You really pose an interesting question. How many women out there really feel that way? And more importantly, who are they?

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that fear factors into love. The worst being that it's never *my* fear.

steeda12 said...

Glad you got back to writing girl. Your neighbor.

Anonymous said...

I love you for veiling raw sexuality in soft sensuality as your words flow
It makes me want to ravish you from head to toe then blame it all on Rio

Marc said...

I like that you mesh both pleasure and pain into a single response to love.

Tisteln said...

wow, so beautiful!

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