July 10, 2018


I am a woman who passionately embraces her femininity.. I find the simplicity of the 'little things' to be the most important. Simple elegance always pleasures me. Sincere thoughtfulness reaches right through my armor and touches my heart. I am more delicate then I show. I enjoy affection showered on me by one devoted man, and I'll faithfully return that affection along with the sweetest smile and loving touch.. My passion is a pure flow of energy; it's rarely jealous or controlling. It's quiet, enduring and loyal.. It's sensitive, sexual, thoughtful and sincere.. You are a man who is, as I am; you never keep score of who does what for who. Your intention is clear and true. You're a man who knows my heart. Creative we are together, always with our gifts. No competition, each other we uplift! You delight when you caress my curves. My expression of feelings never gets on your nerves! You follow through on what you promise. Your presence is natural, dependable and pleasurable in all ways shown. My voice, my word is welcome every moment, every day! 

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