July 10, 2018


I am a woman who passionately embraces her femininity.. I find the simplicity of the 'little things' to be the most important. Simple elegance always pleasures me. Sincere thoughtfulness reaches right through my armor and touches my heart. I am more delicate then I show. I enjoy affection showered on me by one devoted man, and I'll faithfully return that affection along with the sweetest smile and loving touch.. My passion is a pure flow of energy; it's rarely jealous or controlling. It's quiet, enduring and loyal.. It's sensitive, sexual, thoughtful and sincere.. You are a man who is, as I am; you never keep score of who does what for who. Your intention is clear and true. You're a man who knows my heart. Creative we are together, always with our gifts. No competition, each other we uplift! You delight when you caress my curves. My expression of feelings never gets on your nerves! You follow through on what you promise. Your presence is natural, dependable and pleasurable in all ways shown. My voice, my word is welcome every moment, every day! 

August 14, 2017


Red desire in the samba of her soul,
revealing the passion of a woman.

Naked femininity undressed
in the bliss of a moment.

Remembering the touch
that melts her defenses.

A delightful obsession in the little
deaths of vulnerability.

Beautiful confessions to the
man she yearns to love.


July 23, 2017


Her mind races to find
the answers which may
never come..

Her beauty and talent
are seldom enough to
fulfill her desire.

She is always trying
to prove something;
mainly to herself.

No matter how
much she may
feel emotionally
beat up by others;

she always beats
herself up more
than anyone else
ever could.

-Simple elegance
always pleasures

Sincerity reaches
right through her
armor and touches
her heart.

She is more delicate
then she shows..

She desires affection
showered on her by
one devoted man;

if You can meet her
standards and be
patient enough to
stick around!

You'll be in line for
some of the sweetest
love under the Sun!

Her love is a pure
flow of energy!

It is rarely

It is Quiet

It is Sensual

-Would you dare love her, to feel
your heart for a second..?


May 20, 2017

Lost in words

Across the room, he
stands a little in the
distance watching her.

His face detailed
by an emotion that
his mind has not
yet named.

She can feel the warmth
of his stare on her cheek
she looks up and steals
back to his stare.

He barely sees her.. 
It is only desire that
he is registering.

+Actual and Imagined

Turning her gaze openly
to his.. he scans her face
for evidence of truth.

Her longing for him was
less raw than his for her.
his eyes never deserted

He takes her hand in
his and she feels the
supple strength, the
firm possessive
reassurance of his
intentions for her.

-Flushed! .. she raises
her eyes to his, resting
his forehead against hers.

-It is a moment of the
purest intimacy. 

He smiles into her
eyes, then bends his
cheek close to hers
to whisper her senses;

I just want to touch you.
Nothing else. I just want to
know the truth of you.

.. Reclined before him
unseen by anyone,  he lifts
the hem of her dress.

His fingers persistent,
determined against her
flesh..With the power
and sureness of touch
that only true desire
can bring; and She melts
in the exquisite rawness
of his touch.
  . It was like someone
crossing a line..

This is what he longed to know;
the truth of his response to her.
It is this that is the invention
of love.

As he yearns to touch her
once more..


May 13, 2017

Within their world

They undress in silence
each knowing that the most
sacred rituals should be
performed naked.

As they played and kissed, they felt
the world recede, leaving them alone
in their intimate paradise, before the
fire and the moon.

Their play were both intemperate
and incautious, plumbing the depths
of joy and freedom until at last she
threw herself with quivering abandon
into his arms. Enfolding her in his 
arms she felt a heady bond of 
trust and lust.

Closing her eyes, she knew it
would be impossible to feel 
happier than she did at 
this moment.

They needed no words, yet
the longing to touch was like
a hunger in the blood.

She began to whisper his
name with heart-scalding
hunger. . . Setting his mouth
against her throat, so that
she would not stop saying
his name.

He ran his fingertips along
the valley between her breasts,
down to her navel, then dipping
them between her legs touching
the very core of her center.

He lifts his scolded fingers to
her mouth; “taste" he insists.

Then watching him dip his fingers 
back into her fire with slumbering
eyes as he sucks her honeyed
essence from his finger tips,
before her..


May 03, 2017

Her Magic

Is the way she can grasp the
depths of their Oneness..

In the brief moment
spent together, joy
blooms.. Sweet
hot candy.. Beyond
the ability of her mind!

To grasp that moment
of raw sensual power
defies explanation;

it must be demonstrated
to be understood as it
thrives in the moment.

And in that moment, his
soul awakens, finding
peace in the arms
of his Nirvana;

-to feel her power
release itself to him.

His only existence
is to pleasure her.

He could never
explain why, it
is what he most

knowing they are
the only Ones who
knows it..


April 26, 2017

Before sunset

Eyes closed, she
can see it all..

The intensity
of their stare
in ecstasy;

how she loves
to seduce him so

Their kiss was more
then just play
it was an awakening
into their wickedness.

Heat and hunger
perverse and raw
sensual emotions
liberating their Sex
into each other's

Where desire
and Love

As every time we do this
I am your everything.


April 23, 2017


The only one I want
to caress is you.

You watch the
changing light
in the sky.

I watch your eyes...


April 21, 2017


Under the thick blanket
of night, her feminine
scent fills the air.

A dark blindfold that
masks everything
but her sex.

Words are not necessary
They speak in touches now.

Palms open on soft skin
fingers dance along small

He yearns to discover
she longs to surrender.

moving down
moving down

to the center of her soul
reaching in, fingers melt
into her fire.

Tongue pierces folds of lust
swimming in hot liquid
opening petal by petal
watching you
watch me.

Building a slow fire
witches brew of lust
and desire.

Pink shades of pleasure
fill his mouth, with the
sweet and pure essesence
of her.

As she submits and
reveals herself
to him...


April 18, 2017

When he Found her

She reached out and
curled her hand
into his..

His eyes searched
her face in a breathless
moment, then slowly
he drew her hand
to his lips, kissing
the tip of each finger.

A frisson of pleasure
spiraled deep in my belly
and high in my breasts.

..I have never been more
aware, that I am Female
in my life..You are
definitely Male.. All

The way she felt was
nothing new.. He always
affected her this way.

She is able to submerge
her thoughts of him, but
that only makes her dream
of him the more vivid.

When I'm with you like this
I have no control over my
feelings or emotions what
so ever..You;

always have a way of
keeping me off-balance
with a sense of joy that
(is) beyond happiness.

She never knows what
next to expect from him..


April 17, 2017


The voracity of their
passion was an appetite
undeniably beheld
and aware.

For weeks
romance has
enraptured an
abyss deeply
endured in the
most inner
secrets of
their hearts.

As the weeks
become days
and days
become hours
and hours
become minutes;

awaiting in


April 15, 2017

Yearning to the Universe

I dreamed of you
last night.  As I do
every night.

You have invaded
my sleep.  My skin
tingles at the thought
of you.

I have sat for hours
and wondered how
you would feel. How
you would touch me.

You look for me in 
all the faces of the
women you pass by.

For my love, it's
our destiny, you
belong to me..


April 09, 2017


How in each other's arms
we lay confounded and
dissolved...Which should be
most lost?

Flaming kisses
plunging into
boundless blisses.

Our bodies, our
souls on fire.

Tossed by a tempest
of desire licked out
in salty patterns
on sex sweated skin.

"Before dawn I shall
make love to you
again and again

-Her eyes were bravely
provocative yet, he
suspected that she
was more than half
afraid of what was
to come, though
she would rather
die than admit it.

Awakened and alive with
wonder...She touches the
tip of her tongue to his lips
knowing it would tempt him
to devour her mouth.

She paints his body with
curly brushes of red hair,
which, at times, he smooth
back from her face so that
they could see themselves in
true and unveiled mirrors.

..He kisses her senselessly
touching her everywhere
warming her...Mesmerized
by her gaze;

proceeding to
prove her right..


April 08, 2017


All their senses were
attuned to each other.

He watched her flaunt her
beauty before him, and his
bluest eyes told her just
how lovely he found her.

Listening to his voice
she felt her skin tighten
her blood tingle with
excitement, and her
body stir with passion.

Being here together
was perfectly sublime
Sublimely perfect.

They needed no words
yet the longing to touch
was like a hunger
in the blood.

Leaving them in
an intimate abandon
as they enfold each
other before the Fire.


April 02, 2017


-She trembles with the sound
of his voice.

There were a million things
he wanted to say to her..

Her nearness affected him
physically, as it always did.  

She fought the urge to
stiffen and resist him
but couldn't.  He was
to powerful.

Touching her
pinkest lips
he immediately
felt the blood
drumming in
his fingertips
his throat
even the
soles of
his feet.


They were nothing
compared to the
blood-throb of
his erection.

He never felt
a woman this
wet before.

The urge to pounce 
her over whelmed him
Licking her with hot
breathes and flicks of
his tongue!

...the heat within her 
permeated..lingered desire splashes
onto their thighs
like Hot Rain!


September 26, 2016


 It is my Muse, you see;  
he has vanished to the beach.

Once in a while, like tonight,
 I escape into sound and a new 
sphere of inspiration..

Enliveningly, on the edge
of a cliff leaning forward,
balancing myself on the
edge of letting go and
pulling back.

My fear, I have realized is;
--Will I ever Bemused in
the thoughts of you again?  


December 22, 2014

Self Awakening

Their first coupling
was savage of

The second was slow
and sensual;
~She writhe for an hour
moaning and frenzied
until you decide to
bring her to ecstasy.

The third time, you
made love to her;
~cherishing and
worshiping her
with your being
until she dissolved in
liquid tremors
yielding everything
she'd ever wanted from you.

Feeling exultant, you had
the means to give her
everything she need.

...In those moments
you freed her;
binding her to
you forever!


November 26, 2014

Sweet, like no other..

He enjoyed the aftermath
of the storm--almost as
much as the tempest

He laid still, while
she lay prone, full
upon him, her head
cushioned on
his chest.

This was how
he liked to make
her...Soft and

His hands absently
stroked her curves
his lips brushed
the top of her head.

He felt bemused
bewitched..his sex stirs
between their bodies.

The appetite for her
was seemingly
insatiable.  Would he
ever have enough of her?

He kisses her then,
slowly, possessively,
deeply, leaving her in
no doubt that;

she was the only
woman he wanted
now and ever.


October 10, 2014


Precious how a man
loves a woman.

When all is well.

Admiring her
Pleasuring her
Loving her.

Restrictions posed
on her, she resists.
Pulls away.

by his wrath.

He; ready to
burn her at the

Suddenly, precious
is no longer...

Trust and betrayal
intertwine, she is
left alone.

Unable to trust her
heart again.

How can he proclaim true
love, yet be fooled by his
own demise?

Precious in the eyes
of the beholder, as
long as she is obedient.

Pride and jealousy betrays
him once again.

He is now alone;

yearning, wanting to
see her vulnerability
again. To be able to
watch her open
once more.

He will forever be
haunted, knowing he
will never find such
beauty again...


September 06, 2014

After the storm

Wet from our play in
the rain, my dress,
drenched and clinging
to my body.

You, slowly peel it away
from my breasts. Then
you do the same with
my now, transparent

Pushing the garments down
until they were below my

you reach down
with both hands
slowly slipping up
my wet legs and
thighs, reaching
my bare ass.

Pressing me
forward, as you
dip your head
to tongue the
wetness from
my breasts.

Your mouth moved
closer to my nipples,
so, too, did your hands
slide round to my moans.

At the same moment,
your tongue snaked out
to lick the taut tip of
my breast, while
your thumbs pressed
opened the pink wet
folds between
my legs.

Then, you

“It excites you when
a man puts his hands
up your dress… It makes
You think he is doing
something wicked
making you feel

I gasped, as you
drew one fingertip
along my flower.

Smiling up at him,
yearning from excitement
I knew he had only
just Begun...


June 12, 2014

Embracing Femininity

He licked and tasted her
from throat to navel delicately.
Then his mouth devoured
her breasts.  At the same
time his fingers alternately
drew circles about her
engorged pink fleur!

She uttered incoherent
love sounds as he played
with her body, arousing
sensations she’d never
dreamed a woman
could feel.

She surrendered her body
to his hands and mouth
expressing her joy with
such surprise, he could
tell she had never been
pleasured like this before.

As she lays before him
in naked splendor, while
his seductive needy eyes
enraptures her into
what's to come..


May 10, 2014


You've waited for me.
I contain all..

Nothing is lacking.
Yet, for you all was lacking.

The femininity of the right woman.

I draw you close to me.
I cannot let go of you.

You love to give me everything
I've ever wanted...Every wish of
love, every emotion, every desire.

To be fucked by you
is to be loved by you deeply..

In our moments, there is no
other place I'd rather be.
You are the one I desire most..

And in these hours, I've never
needed someone so badly

Every touch, every kiss, every
orgasm, every confession, in the
little deaths of pleasure, yearning,
needing, wanting to let go!
..We are like no other.


May 03, 2014

A greater love

He towers above her for a
moment, as his mouth
descends in total possession.

She did not want to think
only to feel, and he made
it so easy.

Gazing up into his eyes
as if seeing him for the
first time.  He was all male
demanding persistent
and protective..

He appealed to every one
of her womanly senses.  She
could hardly bear waiting for
him to take her.

-His body promising to do
all her bidding.

As his passion mounts by leaps
and bounds, her fear diminishes
then vanishes altogether as the
powerful emotion of lust
obliterates all else.

Her Sex looked like flaming petals
of fire..  He needed had to touch her
taste her and thrust himself into her.
All at once..

Lifting her onto his cock and gasping
at the deep pleasure he felt.

-She clings to him as if her 
life depended on him.  

She cried out with sheer

pleasure..frenziedly wrapping 
her thighs about him.

They moaned incoherent dark
words against each other's
sensitized flesh.  Thrusting savagely
he hung on...Tormented and then
rewarded when he heard her screams;
as she spent with him.

-Collapsing upon him thirsting 
for more, she realized;

They are so alike, they give all and

take all at the same time..


April 08, 2014

Once again

You pull me against you
burying your face in the
soft loveliness of my skin.

She knew she could
never escape
the power of you!

Melting against
your desire, knowing
your bodies would
soon be coupled
in love, legs
as you plunge
inside her.

Easing her
back against
the sheets,
spreading her
red hair across
the pillows, touching
your mouth to every
inch of her skin.

Your desire for her simmers
exploding in white-hot heat.

You love her in every way
possible for a man to love
a woman.

Her fingertips drifting
over your face and throat
and chest...Curling her
fingers into yours, so
that your hands and
hearts are joined.

Feeling your breath
on her lips, taunting
each other in delight
once again..


March 28, 2014

Safely in Emotion

...Within the twilight of
ecstasy his heart touches
every part of her.

His eyes licking over her
body like a candle flame.

Fingers slowly circling
her pinkest flesh.

Sensations like threads
of fire penetrating her,
spreading deliciousness
into her.

Scalding her with a brand
of excitement she'd never
experienced before.

Reclining before him,
legs apart, rendering
herself completely
vulnerable to his

Feeling wickedly
sex erupts...Bloom
in emotion.

-He is stunned.

...Then joy rises up in him,
filling his heart with the fiercest

love he had ever known.


March 21, 2014


Lying together, kissing
many kisses;

soft pecks, sensual
touching of lips,
a strong moist union.

Brushing kisses across
her shoulder and up
her neck.

There you linger...

Tongues touching
penetrating retreating
and again going deep
searching for the soul.

All the while, your hands
move exploring with

Mapping the contour
of waist and hips.

Smoothness of back and
curve of breasts.

For you, there is only this
moment--it is your total

Your hands on her breasts;
delicate smooth rising swell.

Finding nipples erect
fingers stirring passion
in slow circles.

With lips and tongues
still joined, her hand
embraces your cock.

Teasing with the
lightest touch.

Your tongue circles
her nipple, your hand
now free, moving down.

Fingers passing through
bare skin, exploring 

Tracing excitement!

Bringing it back to
the swollen elusive
pleasure spot..

Where your fingers
like your tongue above
begins a movement
of circular play.

Moving round and round
you moan, and I yelp with
glee before you; ...

her breathing changes..

Your excitement quickens.

She cries out...

You continue, her 
pleasure continues..


February 26, 2014


What our sex is
we don't know
but it must be
some sort of fire.

For it always
a sense of warmth,
of glow...And when
the glow becomes
a pure shine
then we feel
the sense of

This...For me,
is pure magic.


February 01, 2014

Here with me

He lies beside her.

Her breasts uncovered
by the sheets--he couldn't
take his eyes from her.

The scent from her warm
body stole to his nostrils
making his desire rampant.

What a fool he had been
last night. He had her
naked in the bed, her
body so willing and
responsive. It had
arched against his
when he kissed her

He knew he wouldn't
be able to hold out
much longer before
he claimed her body.

As he stood before her,
he saw how beautiful
she was and a protective
feeling rose up in him and
threatened to engulf him.

He ruthlessly crushed
it down.

He would not allow his
heart to become entangled
in this seduction. Perhaps
he had made a tactical
mistake...By holding off until
she craved him, he'd let his
own craving become that
of a ravenous beast.

If he wasn't careful
she would become an

Aroused..She waits;

for your hard cock
to press against
the side of her cheek;

slapping the head of
your cock on her red
lips for the first time.

-Waiting for you to say
her name as her tongue
reaches out to taste

All she could think
about was;

Your tongue in her cunt
nibbling on her clit
twisting her nipples
as hard as you could
Before entering her
deep and hard.

When your cock
slides between her
lips and onto her
tongue, she gasps
for more.

You push your cock
against the back of
her throat, as she
moves with your
hand and you guide
her mouth to the
bottom of your shaft,
pushing out her tongue
to slide between the
cushion of your balls
and she smiles!

She gaze into your
eyes as you use
her warm wet mouth
for your pleasure..


August 18, 2012


Her memories are on full blast;

as she wraps herself 
into soft silk silhouette, 
her excitement grows.  

Filling her with such longing.

It is precisely the
feeling she's been
starving for.

To be with a man in
such a way that the mere
presence of him,
even miles away;
can make her
tremble and
soften and melt!

She knows what she wants.

She wants you to feel what her Sex
does to you..  Feel her heart pounding,
indulging in her lust, rediscovering your
Mastery..Your Vulgar.

You Are in Control.

You know what she needs, yet
you give her what she wants.

...The one who matters most.


June 14, 2012

Show her

...In the acts
of uninhibited
must a man deny
his true heart's
desire for one

Why tease her
his absence...?

She knows it is never
a power game for him.
It is something natural.
-To be enjoyed.

With her, there is
no division between
love and sex.

She is

She is not interested
in anything less than
true love.

--She seduces with
finesse and charm
and with an uninhibited
desire to pleasure
you...Only you.

She is all female;
the scent of her skin,
her brown eyes making
love to your heart, her
red lips making love
to your cock.

...Your love is a physical
and sensual romance
to her.

-You must show her
the rarity of you.


April 11, 2012


She has come
into Fruition..For the
first time,  She is aware
this place exists..

~You have Intoxicated her, merely
with your Touch..your Words..your
Mouth and..your dominant
Attentiveness ~

.. I am Intertwined, in the perpetual
expectancy Of, Your own
.. Pleasure..and mine!


February 10, 2012


He invites her to
explore him;

to satisfy her curiosity,
to indulge her impulses,
to rid herself of her last
traces of fear...

She glances into his
eyes and sees that
he is completely aware
of the sensual sensations
she's experiencing;

compelling her to explore

She runs a tentative
fingertip along the
shaft of his cock,
from its root to its

A growl erupts from
his throat, arousing
him to the point where
he would lose control.

He captures her hand
in his and brings it to
her face. Then, he traces
her own finger along the
same path they had taken
on his body.

Brushing over her lips...She
gasps with pleasure...She
wanting more.

He dips her fingertips
into her sex...Then he
withdraws and takes
it into her mouth.

It's such a seductive
gesture that he melts
against her.

At last...He takes possession
of her mouth...His kisses
deepened and roughened
with his mounting desire
until she weakens with

Heat leaping between them,
arousing a smoldering need
that cries out to be quenched.

In his eyes, she is absolute

He reaches between her legs,
separating the delicate folds,
poised, knowing the flames
from the fire would heat her
soft flesh to hot silk.

Slowly...Firmly, he rubs the
swollen head of his cock
against her lips, thrusting
into her.

She gazes into his eyes, black
with passion...Her pussy closing
sleekly around him, and the hot,
sliding friction begins to build
in a tantalizing rhythm, taking
her higher until she is in a
frenzy of need...

Throwing back her head,
undulating her body, feeling
her shivers as he trusts into
her, then holding still to enjoy
her liquid tremors.

For him, magic
dances in the air...

--Entwined without
moving or speaking
for a long time;

knowing they have
been changed forever...


July 01, 2007

Under a blue moon

What makes someone fall in love...?

-Is it a feeling? A sudden
onslaught of emotion...?

-Is it an instant connection or
a comfortable friendship that
becomes something more?

...Sob uma lua azul; he will kiss her then,
slowly, possessively, deeply, leaving her in
no doubt that she is
the only woman he
wants...Now or ever.

-She flaunts her beauty before
him in all its splendor.

His eyes never leaves her.

-She knows she can
never escape the
power of this man.

Melting against him with desire, knowing
their bodies would soon
be coupled in
love, and
in that moment, he will hold
nothing back!

-If you find love,
if you're that lucky,
don't let it pass you by;

embrace it...Sem temor!

...E em Iemanja eu elogio.


June 24, 2007


You are always cautious,
not to reveal how you are
-You wouldn't

The heart.. So Powerful,
and yet, a man's weakness
is no different.

Scattering yourself
today, has challenged
you..Into you!

Emotions, dancing all
over the map, as the
restless Moon has us
bouncing from one
fantasy to another..

And so, instead of being
hard headed, keep
bringing your attention
back to what you should
be doing;
letting it go,
in this

-Simplicity.. My Love!


April 27, 2007

An evening with you..

Thinking of your presence
haunts me.. Excites
me..Intoxicate me.

Reciting every jester
every touch
every swim
then the look
of Passion
permeates the
room..As he takes
his beautiful Goddess to
ecstasy once again!

Music on the background
His lust rains on her soul

loving every inch of her
her flesh intertwine with
his soul, dissolved into
lust and love..

-It is magic between
you and I, my love!


January 16, 2007

A baiana

She is the
of Iemanja.


-Just look at her...

Eyes intimate
and passionate;

in the sweetest
vulgar of desire.

...Her heart,
whispers the
truths of
and I...

-Give her
your love,

and she'll give
you everything.

...Everything your
heart desires.


December 25, 2006

Somewhere in time

The man of my dreams
has almost faded now.

The one I have
created in my mind.

The sort of man each
woman dreams of, in
the deepest and most
secret reaches of
her heart.

I can almost
see him now
before me.

What would I say
to him if he were
really here?

"Forgive me. I have
never known this
feeling. I have
lived without it
all my life. Is it
any wonder, then,
I failed to recognise
you? You, who brought
it to me for the first time.

Is there any way that I
can tell you how my life
has changed? Any way
at all to let you know what
sweetness you have
given me?

There is so much to
say. I cannot find
the words.

Except for these:

I love you."

-Such would I say
to him if he were
really here...

-Elise McKenna
(Somewhere in time)

--Her words speaks
to me...Still.


"I have not
what I know...Is
yet to come."


December 22, 2006

In the memory of Anu...

Water Fire

All of the elements came
together under the cool new moon;

Water; that which
gives life.

Fire; which is the passion
that burns in our hearts.

Air; which loves soars
high upon.

Earth; the dust from
which our bodies come
to this world.

and Woman;

she who gives all
she is creation.

Here among the elements,
they dance for her
sing for her
breathe for her
love her.

Five elements under
the moonless October sky.

Holding her hand,
he takes her to the
enchanted river.

The evening air was
mystical, electric,
yet serene, and peaceful.

Suddenly transported
into a different time;
an era which only we
could understand, embrace
and melt.

Music echoed off the
stone walls reflecting off
the shimmering water.

Teased by the fires, whose
embers rise high into the
air along the trailing
wisps of smoke.

The fire hypnotized their passion,
while desire danced in the flame
of their oneness.

A rose, plucked from the Earth herself,
her first kiss opening petals,
the sweet aroma filling her soul.

a simple symbol of everything
he promises her.

Darkness cloaks
fingers explore
lips meet, drawing closer
two souls who refuse to part.

Burning together.

Like the fires all around them...

Sparks flying in the still
of the night, reflecting
innocence, white heat and
hunger in their eyes.

He wants her.
She wants him.
And in these flames...

Among the elements of nature.

There is love.
There is nothing but the two of them.
Here, in this moment in time.

An eternity together, in the
blink of an eye.

They are one.

Lightness of the air
strength of the earth
stillness of the water
rage of the fire
beauty of her...


Anu's blog

November 19, 2006

You and I

-Our love, was a journey
from the first blush
of physical attraction
to a marriage of souls...


November 04, 2006

Was it you?

I've held on
to you for so

Your touch,
your kiss.

The way you looked
at me, the way I
thought of you...

Every word I've
written, every
emotion I've

I've held on to
long, to love you
this way...

What is the answer?
What is...Us?

Was there ever an Us?

You have changed
my life...I am lost
without you.

But I must say

the few hours
we shared

it was a lifetime's

loving me.


October 08, 2006

The game

The cool air breeze
on my skin...Thoughts of
you still in my dreams.

Under the Full Moon.

...How could it be?

-The smell of your
skin, feeling your
breath on me, you
by my side;

how could I resist...?

What's the meaning
of this crazy game?

Is it real?

...Take a deep breath
my love, don't be scared
of what you feel.

I assure you...You will
always be pleased.

...Tell me;

is it love...The fate of
this crazy game...?


October 05, 2006


I am a woman.
I am a temptress.
I am a creator.
I am a mother.
I am your Goddess...


fear over whelms you.

And the unknown
blinds you;

You indulge in
my sex, lingering
in the softness of
my warmth, tasting
my fire, losing yourself
in my tenderness.

Yearning to be my
heart's desire!

Tell me;

For how much longer
can you hold on
to me this way?

For how much
longer can I cry
this way?

Why not;
loose yourself
in my embrace?

Why not;
raise my hand
to your lips...Look
into my eyes...Kiss
the palm of my

Why not SHOW me
how much you love


"If you
only knew
the beauty
of your own

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