May 01, 2005

"The painting that all but breathes"

In 2005 I was in Dallas
on business staying
at the 'Wyndham

It was a full moon
and I felt restless;

for something to

I didn't know why,
where, when or how
but I was filled with
such longing...

[I couldn't sleep that night.]

After dinner I decided to
explore the hotel's
Art collection.

The last piece I
wanted to see
was on the 27th
floor in the
"Nana Grill

Looking above
the bar, I was

She was feminine.
She was beautiful.
She was a woman.

I wanted to be in
her moment.

I wanted to
know what
it felt like to
be a man's

I studied her
for hours.

Every detail, every
every thought in her
mind and every
emotion in his heart.

The painting?

"Nana" by
Marcel Suchorowsky.

He began in 1878 and
completed her in 1881.

For three years he
captured and loved
the true beauty of
this woman.

Her femininity.

The painting is
six feet tall and
nine feet wide.

Nana, is said to be
a main character
in the 1880 novel
of the same name
by Emile Zola.

Suchorowski received
60,000 British pounds
as payment for Nana's
numerous exhibitions.

In 1978, Trammel Crow
purchased the painting
for exhibition in the hotel.

Today, she is worth;
4,000,000.00 dollars.

This painting
inspired me to
reveal my own
existence as
a woman.

Nana is my Muse.

And I am Yemanja.


Trée said...

Y, that is a wonderful tribute to a beautiful painting. I'm amazed at your curiosity and ability to place yourself into a painting, to see what few others see. Always a joy to stop by here. Have a wonderful weekend Y. :-)

Sally said...

What a beautiful portrait. I love the way the sun is gently washing over her, and if you were able to touch her, you'd feel her sunwarmed skin....

Matt Kohai said...

Y: you've chosen your muse very well. A beautiful painting, for a beautiful lady and her poetry.

CourtesyZealot said...

A beautiful painting, studied by a beautiful woman... I wish I could seen it!

yvaine said...

And you, Yemanja, are my muse.

You encourage me to look deeper into my femininity and celebrate it.

Anonymous said...

This painting is beautiful, but there is one that leaves it in the dust. It's you.

You're a gift to this world, Yemanja, and should be treated as such. Never forget what you mean to those around you. Never question your worth. Your beauty and truth have set free so many emotions in my heart, in my life, and it is an honor and a privilege knowing you.


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