December 25, 2006

Somewhere in time

The man of my dreams
has almost faded now.

The one I have
created in my mind.

The sort of man each
woman dreams of, in
the deepest and most
secret reaches of
her heart.

I can almost
see him now
before me.

What would I say
to him if he were
really here?

"Forgive me. I have
never known this
feeling. I have
lived without it
all my life. Is it
any wonder, then,
I failed to recognise
you? You, who brought
it to me for the first time.

Is there any way that I
can tell you how my life
has changed? Any way
at all to let you know what
sweetness you have
given me?

There is so much to
say. I cannot find
the words.

Except for these:

I love you."

-Such would I say
to him if he were
really here...

-Elise McKenna
(Somewhere in time)

--Her words speaks
to me...Still.


"I have not
what I know...Is
yet to come."


December 22, 2006

In the memory of Anu...

Water Fire

All of the elements came
together under the cool new moon;

Water; that which
gives life.

Fire; which is the passion
that burns in our hearts.

Air; which loves soars
high upon.

Earth; the dust from
which our bodies come
to this world.

and Woman;

she who gives all
she is creation.

Here among the elements,
they dance for her
sing for her
breathe for her
love her.

Five elements under
the moonless October sky.

Holding her hand,
he takes her to the
enchanted river.

The evening air was
mystical, electric,
yet serene, and peaceful.

Suddenly transported
into a different time;
an era which only we
could understand, embrace
and melt.

Music echoed off the
stone walls reflecting off
the shimmering water.

Teased by the fires, whose
embers rise high into the
air along the trailing
wisps of smoke.

The fire hypnotized their passion,
while desire danced in the flame
of their oneness.

A rose, plucked from the Earth herself,
her first kiss opening petals,
the sweet aroma filling her soul.

a simple symbol of everything
he promises her.

Darkness cloaks
fingers explore
lips meet, drawing closer
two souls who refuse to part.

Burning together.

Like the fires all around them...

Sparks flying in the still
of the night, reflecting
innocence, white heat and
hunger in their eyes.

He wants her.
She wants him.
And in these flames...

Among the elements of nature.

There is love.
There is nothing but the two of them.
Here, in this moment in time.

An eternity together, in the
blink of an eye.

They are one.

Lightness of the air
strength of the earth
stillness of the water
rage of the fire
beauty of her...


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November 19, 2006

You and I

-Our love, was a journey
from the first blush
of physical attraction
to a marriage of souls...


November 04, 2006

Was it you?

I've held on
to you for so

Your touch,
your kiss.

The way you looked
at me, the way I
thought of you...

Every word I've
written, every
emotion I've

I've held on to
long, to love you
this way...

What is the answer?
What is...Us?

Was there ever an Us?

You have changed
my life...I am lost
without you.

But I must say

the few hours
we shared

it was a lifetime's

loving me.


October 08, 2006

The game

The cool air breeze
on my skin...Thoughts of
you still in my dreams.

Under the Full Moon.

...How could it be?

-The smell of your
skin, feeling your
breath on me, you
by my side;

how could I resist...?

What's the meaning
of this crazy game?

Is it real?

...Take a deep breath
my love, don't be scared
of what you feel.

I assure you...You will
always be pleased.

...Tell me;

is it love...The fate of
this crazy game...?


October 05, 2006


I am a woman.
I am a temptress.
I am a creator.
I am a mother.
I am your Goddess...


fear over whelms you.

And the unknown
blinds you;

You indulge in
my sex, lingering
in the softness of
my warmth, tasting
my fire, losing yourself
in my tenderness.

Yearning to be my
heart's desire!

Tell me;

For how much longer
can you hold on
to me this way?

For how much
longer can I cry
this way?

Why not;
loose yourself
in my embrace?

Why not;
raise my hand
to your lips...Look
into my eyes...Kiss
the palm of my

Why not SHOW me
how much you love


"If you
only knew
the beauty
of your own


September 23, 2006

What would love do now?

I know the steps
of this road.

I know nothing
will come of it.

It's secret I know
by heart.

And so;

here I go again
like a fool looks
for the desolation
of memories.

...I'm tired of knowing
new sad days, lonely


the poems I still write
to my love, to tell him
that this is wrong.

As he mistreats my
heart once again...


August 22, 2006

For you

I make my bed
ready for you.

Our bodies urge us;

they say, yes and
oh yes...

But the waiting is
so sweet we choose
to linger at each
brush of lip to lip;

as if it were wine, to
rolled around the
mouth before we

What makes it good
isn't the mystery or
even a love so strong,
you can smash bricks
with it... It's the

spinning way you
feel when I grab you
by the eyes and you
slip my sexy black
panties off...


August 17, 2006

Once again

Quietly in the dark
-she appears in
his sleep.

Yearning, searching.
He finds her...

Vulnerable, wanting
to love and be loved.

His heart swells
the body surrenders
the senses ignites
the blood flows
and happiness begins.

Her touch, electrifying,
a spell with a kiss,
fearless desire,
her love...One of
a kind.

The deliciousness
of their sex;

in the
of touch...

She whispers;

"tell me, my longing
love had won
your own;

and all you've ever
known is right here
beside you and If you
could love me for a day,

would you blow your life
away...Would you come
running just to do
it all again?"


July 30, 2006

Power of his kiss

Lips filled with desire
Yearning to devour

He takes possession
of my mouth just
as my scream
erupted. He kissed
me until my scream
turned to sighs.

He wanted to teach
my body to be so
sexually responsive,
that I would cum at
his touch.

He slid down on his
knees so that my
lower boby lay
across his thighs.

Then he slipped
one long finger
up inside me
and held it still.

By kisses alone
he intended to
bring me to

feeling my pussy
tighten, throb, and
pulsate as it gripped
and squeezed his

My thighs sprawled
open wantonly,
inviting him to
thrust, to plunge,
to slide, to surge,
but his finger

His tongue, however,
did all the things to
my mouth that
my body craved.

At last, he was
rewarded as he
became aware
of a pulse point
deep within.

He felt the exquisite
pulsations upon his
finger, feather light
at first, then becoming
stronger with a rhythm
that matched my


July 19, 2006

Missing her

When I’m away from you,
You miss me.

When I am gone from you
you await my return…

You indulge yourself in thoughts
of me and in these thoughts
we are naked and you are hard,
aroused at the sight of me.

Aroused by the knowledge
that you can take me and
love me however you want to.

Always, I crave that, to
be the object of your desire
and your appetite.

And when I’m away, you dwell
in the memories of how I
have loved you so...


May 21, 2006

On this night

If I could for one
moment, be in this
love. In this happiness
I promise, I would
--could, give you
this love...

Come close to me
without fear.

I want you
to smile and
laugh and
play in this

I want you to use
every emotion
that should come
naturally to a
beautiful woman.

You've been kept
in a box...I've just
opened the lid.

When you are vastly
amused at something
I want you to laugh
so hard, you have
to hold your belly
while the tears run
down your face.

When you get angry
I want to see the
sparks fly from the
fire in your eyes.

I want to see you give
as good as you get.

I want to see you
twirl your red
curls and admire
yourself in every

I want to see you in a
full-blown passion over

You are so beautiful.

I will have to forget
your eyes, the moment
we say goodbye.

--I will have to spend
the rest of my life
forgetting about you.

But tonight, I want to
be close to you, to see
myself in your eyes
to have you next to me.

As if tonight
completes time...


May 04, 2006

Como preciso de você

It's all about sex,
we both know this.

But What I
wonder is why,


Every molecule of
desire in my body
has been satisfied,


The sudden moistening
deep fierce aching
and rising heat,


The throbbing glory
of release and the
cries of need and
pleasure have
dissolved into
the air...

Something like my
soul slips from me
and goes to you.

Without choice
or question
and wraps itself
around you all
night...Like the
breath of the
moon and why;

I carry the thought
of you as constant
as any sun in my heart?


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April 28, 2006

This...Is us

--My touch...Whispers
my deepest desire.

You had never seen
a woman more beautiful
in her passion;

opening my thighs
wide, positioning the
head of your cock
against my pussy.

Slowly, firmly you
impale me with
one long thrust.

My hot cunt scalding
you as you cry out
in your passion.


all the things you will do
to me. How it will make
me feel and how exquisite
it is to be deep inside of me.

I want to surrender all
to your demanding
body...Wrapping my
legs high above
your head.

As you thrust deep
into me savagely
arousing me into

Adoring the throbbing
pulsating fullness deep
inside me.

Half mad with passion
crying, biting your
shoulders with
sharp little teeth.

Lost to the world.

Perched on the
edge of a cliff.

Refusing to
relent until we
achieve final
and complete
release in an
ecstasy of

erupting into me.

Crying out the
pure sensual
pleasure your
body brought
to me.

I hold you there.

Stroking your back
endlessly, from
to buttocks.

Kissing you fiercely
lavishing you with

You made me
feel luxuriant.

Giving me my happiness.

Knowing I could never
have enough of you.

As I tease myself to sleep...


April 21, 2006

The necklace

Every nerve tingling
listening to this Song.

Waiting for you

to come to me.

To tell me how urgently
you want me, desire me.

Eager to make love with me.

In the dimness...
I can see the silhouette
of your face and feel
your hands reaching
out for me.

Caught in your embrace...

n overwhelming feeling of desire
wells up inside me, filling me, spilling
over, drenching me with warmth.

All my senses yearning for
the promise you offered me.

The moonlight filtering through
the curtained window, blending
with the orange glow of the candle.

Like a ballet...Your
hands slowly and
gracefully undresses
my soul...Except for
the necklace around
my heart;

wanted me
to remember...


April 09, 2006

In my room

Incense dancing
in the candle light.

Nude...I slip into bed
pretending you're
lying next to me.

Smiling, comforting me,
making me feel so beautiful.

Your touch?


I wish I could hear
your voice whispering
in my ear;

passion vulgar desire
What I didn't count on
was the reality of silence...


April 06, 2006

Tell me a story

Sitting under the
canopy of her bed
she smiles;


Her long red hair
draped over her
longer now, since
you last saw her.

Her head tilted
slightly, curls
dangling over
her face.


remembering your
eyes...your touch.

The kiss under
our first moon...

Do you remember?

Yes, you do...You
remember everything...

And so, she is left with one wish.

"Tell me our story...Tonight?"


April 03, 2006


Meu desejo para você
demasiado forte a
manter-se dentro
dos limites.

At least no one
can blame us
when we go
to each other
at night.

no caminho de sonhos...


March 15, 2006

Kiss me

Devilish red lips,
tongues lingering in
the memory of taste;

quietly penetrating the
depths of your soul,
revealing the splender
of us...

Given this moment;

Would you kiss me again?

To me;

Kissing is the invitation
to selfless intimacy
between two people
lingering in the
pleasures of love...


March 13, 2006

Only you

I am intrigued by
your mystery and
the power you
have over me


I feel your presence
You are under my spell

I know when you
think of me

you reveal yourself

and I love it...

My voice bewitches you

I am your wish... I am your deepest desire

our bodies yearn to touch
our hearts yearn to make love

I yearn for you...


March 11, 2006

My Pleasure

We call each other
everything that comes
to mind.

We tell each other to
fuck suck eat cum;
what ever we want.

The world's reduced
to this room.

The room..reeks of
sex and sweat.
We want to stay
in it forever.

We suck ice before
our tongues touch
it makes hot hotter.

I could go on and
on but with you
there is no end.

My pleasure is in
knowing the
abandonment you
have felt.

Seeing you change
from cool dominant
male to a man in the
throes of sexual

To take.

Laying you down
and me on top
orchestrating your
sounds of slow
surrender with
the shifting of my

The forbidden dirty
words whispered
in my voice.

Watching your gradual
loss of control.

No, control your loss
of control..

Until ultimately with
the pressure and
release of delicate
vaginal muscles on
your engorged cock.

You cum to me.


February 27, 2006


Here I am...

Wanting, waiting,
desire on fire,
perched on the
edge of a cliff...


Such a powerful word.

A woman.

Sacred, powerful
delicate, a goddess...

A man.

Wanting to touch,
penetrate, devour
and embrace.

If you ask,
she'll respond;

your wish is my

I am yours.

Hands on thighs,
breasts on cock,
chin on chest,
eyes on lips...

You are my man.

All is yours,
all is given
to you now.

Ah, the simplicity
of a spell with the
simplest words;

may I?


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