March 15, 2006

Kiss me

Devilish red lips,
tongues lingering in
the memory of taste;

quietly penetrating the
depths of your soul,
revealing the splender
of us...

Given this moment;

Would you kiss me again?

To me;

Kissing is the invitation
to selfless intimacy
between two people
lingering in the
pleasures of love...



ozymandiaz said...

Oh yes! Over and over and over again. Until my lips knew not where I ended and you began

darkblue heart said...

uninhibited eyes
melting love
purer than purity
no vain vanity
mellowed breath
the war of hearts
parched soul
me on right
u on left
i was alive
so were you
and we melted in every every sweet every wild move ...i found you on right and u found me on left
we found each other...on the other side.

Nick Zegarac said...

Yes, indeed. That lingering is quite extraordinary - especially when you can find someone who is willing to completely surrender and give of themselves the same as what is felt in one's own heart. Beautiful piece and picture.

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