April 28, 2006

This...Is us

--My touch...Whispers
my deepest desire.

You had never seen
a woman more beautiful
in her passion;

opening my thighs
wide, positioning the
head of your cock
against my pussy.

Slowly, firmly you
impale me with
one long thrust.

My hot cunt scalding
you as you cry out
in your passion.


all the things you will do
to me. How it will make
me feel and how exquisite
it is to be deep inside of me.

I want to surrender all
to your demanding
body...Wrapping my
legs high above
your head.

As you thrust deep
into me savagely
arousing me into

Adoring the throbbing
pulsating fullness deep
inside me.

Half mad with passion
crying, biting your
shoulders with
sharp little teeth.

Lost to the world.

Perched on the
edge of a cliff.

Refusing to
relent until we
achieve final
and complete
release in an
ecstasy of

erupting into me.

Crying out the
pure sensual
pleasure your
body brought
to me.

I hold you there.

Stroking your back
endlessly, from
to buttocks.

Kissing you fiercely
lavishing you with

You made me
feel luxuriant.

Giving me my happiness.

Knowing I could never
have enough of you.

As I tease myself to sleep...


April 21, 2006

The necklace

Every nerve tingling
listening to this Song.

Waiting for you

to come to me.

To tell me how urgently
you want me, desire me.

Eager to make love with me.

In the dimness...
I can see the silhouette
of your face and feel
your hands reaching
out for me.

Caught in your embrace...

n overwhelming feeling of desire
wells up inside me, filling me, spilling
over, drenching me with warmth.

All my senses yearning for
the promise you offered me.

The moonlight filtering through
the curtained window, blending
with the orange glow of the candle.

Like a ballet...Your
hands slowly and
gracefully undresses
my soul...Except for
the necklace around
my heart;

wanted me
to remember...


April 09, 2006

In my room

Incense dancing
in the candle light.

Nude...I slip into bed
pretending you're
lying next to me.

Smiling, comforting me,
making me feel so beautiful.

Your touch?


I wish I could hear
your voice whispering
in my ear;

passion vulgar desire
What I didn't count on
was the reality of silence...


April 06, 2006

Tell me a story

Sitting under the
canopy of her bed
she smiles;


Her long red hair
draped over her
longer now, since
you last saw her.

Her head tilted
slightly, curls
dangling over
her face.


remembering your
eyes...your touch.

The kiss under
our first moon...

Do you remember?

Yes, you do...You
remember everything...

And so, she is left with one wish.

"Tell me our story...Tonight?"


April 03, 2006


Meu desejo para você
demasiado forte a
manter-se dentro
dos limites.

At least no one
can blame us
when we go
to each other
at night.

no caminho de sonhos...


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