April 21, 2006

The necklace

Every nerve tingling
listening to this Song.

Waiting for you

to come to me.

To tell me how urgently
you want me, desire me.

Eager to make love with me.

In the dimness...
I can see the silhouette
of your face and feel
your hands reaching
out for me.

Caught in your embrace...

n overwhelming feeling of desire
wells up inside me, filling me, spilling
over, drenching me with warmth.

All my senses yearning for
the promise you offered me.

The moonlight filtering through
the curtained window, blending
with the orange glow of the candle.

Like a ballet...Your
hands slowly and
gracefully undresses
my soul...Except for
the necklace around
my heart;

wanted me
to remember...



Matt Kohai said...

Another very beautiful poem, Y. I wish I could respond more...

ozymandiaz said...

Here is to remembering...

Sally said...

hands slowly and
gracefully undresses
my soul"

That line is tremendous. It's so beautiful, and I know exactly how that feels. To have a man touch your body, and it feels like he's touching your heart.
YOur writing is perfection, as always.

temppixie said...

I love the passion this arouses.

NWO said...

Y, this one is especially touching. Thx again, i love coming to your site.

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