April 06, 2006

Tell me a story

Sitting under the
canopy of her bed
she smiles;


Her long red hair
draped over her
longer now, since
you last saw her.

Her head tilted
slightly, curls
dangling over
her face.


remembering your
eyes...your touch.

The kiss under
our first moon...

Do you remember?

Yes, you do...You
remember everything...

And so, she is left with one wish.

"Tell me our story...Tonight?"



Matt Kohai said...

Woah... Where have you been hiding? Your poetry is great, and your voice...completely enchanting!

I've already linked to your blog off of mine. This is...

I'm nearly speechless.

You have a truly romantic soul, my dear - don't ever lose that.

Sally said...

The wonderful joy of love. What a beautiful thing to wake up to!

ozymandiaz said...

It appears to me that perhaps these are stolen moments. The musician is about to get busted by the king wooing the queen.

CourtesyZealot said...

Once again, you have succeeded in lowering my blood pressure. Thanks!

CourtesyZealot said...

Thanks, again, for the wonderful prose!

anu said...

How are you doing Yemanja :)

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