December 25, 2006

Somewhere in time

The man of my dreams
has almost faded now.

The one I have
created in my mind.

The sort of man each
woman dreams of, in
the deepest and most
secret reaches of
her heart.

I can almost
see him now
before me.

What would I say
to him if he were
really here?

"Forgive me. I have
never known this
feeling. I have
lived without it
all my life. Is it
any wonder, then,
I failed to recognise
you? You, who brought
it to me for the first time.

Is there any way that I
can tell you how my life
has changed? Any way
at all to let you know what
sweetness you have
given me?

There is so much to
say. I cannot find
the words.

Except for these:

I love you."

-Such would I say
to him if he were
really here...

-Elise McKenna
(Somewhere in time)

--Her words speaks
to me...Still.


"I have not
what I know...Is
yet to come."


December 22, 2006

In the memory of Anu...

Water Fire

All of the elements came
together under the cool new moon;

Water; that which
gives life.

Fire; which is the passion
that burns in our hearts.

Air; which loves soars
high upon.

Earth; the dust from
which our bodies come
to this world.

and Woman;

she who gives all
she is creation.

Here among the elements,
they dance for her
sing for her
breathe for her
love her.

Five elements under
the moonless October sky.

Holding her hand,
he takes her to the
enchanted river.

The evening air was
mystical, electric,
yet serene, and peaceful.

Suddenly transported
into a different time;
an era which only we
could understand, embrace
and melt.

Music echoed off the
stone walls reflecting off
the shimmering water.

Teased by the fires, whose
embers rise high into the
air along the trailing
wisps of smoke.

The fire hypnotized their passion,
while desire danced in the flame
of their oneness.

A rose, plucked from the Earth herself,
her first kiss opening petals,
the sweet aroma filling her soul.

a simple symbol of everything
he promises her.

Darkness cloaks
fingers explore
lips meet, drawing closer
two souls who refuse to part.

Burning together.

Like the fires all around them...

Sparks flying in the still
of the night, reflecting
innocence, white heat and
hunger in their eyes.

He wants her.
She wants him.
And in these flames...

Among the elements of nature.

There is love.
There is nothing but the two of them.
Here, in this moment in time.

An eternity together, in the
blink of an eye.

They are one.

Lightness of the air
strength of the earth
stillness of the water
rage of the fire
beauty of her...


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