August 18, 2012


Her memories are on full blast;

as she wraps herself 
into soft silk silhouette, 
her excitement grows.  

Filling her with such longing.

It is precisely the
feeling she's been
starving for.

To be with a man in
such a way that the mere
presence of him,
even miles away;
can make her
tremble and
soften and melt!

She knows what she wants.

She wants you to feel what her Sex
does to you..  Feel her heart pounding,
indulging in her lust, rediscovering your
Mastery..Your Vulgar.

You Are in Control.

You know what she needs, yet
you give her what she wants.

...The one who matters most.


June 14, 2012

Show her

...In the acts
of uninhibited
must a man deny
his true heart's
desire for one

Why tease her
his absence...?

She knows it is never
a power game for him.
It is something natural.
-To be enjoyed.

With her, there is
no division between
love and sex.

She is

She is not interested
in anything less than
true love.

--She seduces with
finesse and charm
and with an uninhibited
desire to pleasure
you...Only you.

She is all female;
the scent of her skin,
her brown eyes making
love to your heart, her
red lips making love
to your cock.

...Your love is a physical
and sensual romance
to her.

-You must show her
the rarity of you.


April 11, 2012


She has come
into Fruition..For the
first time,  She is aware
this place exists..

~You have Intoxicated her, merely
with your Touch..your Words..your
Mouth and..your dominant
Attentiveness ~

.. I am Intertwined, in the perpetual
expectancy Of, Your own
.. Pleasure..and mine!


February 10, 2012


He invites her to
explore him;

to satisfy her curiosity,
to indulge her impulses,
to rid herself of her last
traces of fear...

She glances into his
eyes and sees that
he is completely aware
of the sensual sensations
she's experiencing;

compelling her to explore

She runs a tentative
fingertip along the
shaft of his cock,
from its root to its

A growl erupts from
his throat, arousing
him to the point where
he would lose control.

He captures her hand
in his and brings it to
her face. Then, he traces
her own finger along the
same path they had taken
on his body.

Brushing over her lips...She
gasps with pleasure...She
wanting more.

He dips her fingertips
into her sex...Then he
withdraws and takes
it into her mouth.

It's such a seductive
gesture that he melts
against her.

At last...He takes possession
of her mouth...His kisses
deepened and roughened
with his mounting desire
until she weakens with

Heat leaping between them,
arousing a smoldering need
that cries out to be quenched.

In his eyes, she is absolute

He reaches between her legs,
separating the delicate folds,
poised, knowing the flames
from the fire would heat her
soft flesh to hot silk.

Slowly...Firmly, he rubs the
swollen head of his cock
against her lips, thrusting
into her.

She gazes into his eyes, black
with passion...Her pussy closing
sleekly around him, and the hot,
sliding friction begins to build
in a tantalizing rhythm, taking
her higher until she is in a
frenzy of need...

Throwing back her head,
undulating her body, feeling
her shivers as he trusts into
her, then holding still to enjoy
her liquid tremors.

For him, magic
dances in the air...

--Entwined without
moving or speaking
for a long time;

knowing they have
been changed forever...

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