March 28, 2014

Safely in Emotion

...Within the twilight of
ecstasy his heart touches
every part of her.

His eyes licking over her
body like a candle flame.

Fingers slowly circling
her pinkest flesh.

Sensations like threads
of fire penetrating her,
spreading deliciousness
into her.

Scalding her with a brand
of excitement she'd never
experienced before.

Reclining before him,
legs apart, rendering
herself completely
vulnerable to his

Feeling wickedly
sex erupts...Bloom
in emotion.

-He is stunned.

...Then joy rises up in him,
filling his heart with the fiercest

love he had ever known.


March 21, 2014


Lying together, kissing
many kisses;

soft pecks, sensual
touching of lips,
a strong moist union.

Brushing kisses across
her shoulder and up
her neck.

There you linger...

Tongues touching
penetrating retreating
and again going deep
searching for the soul.

All the while, your hands
move exploring with

Mapping the contour
of waist and hips.

Smoothness of back and
curve of breasts.

For you, there is only this
moment--it is your total

Your hands on her breasts;
delicate smooth rising swell.

Finding nipples erect
fingers stirring passion
in slow circles.

With lips and tongues
still joined, her hand
embraces your cock.

Teasing with the
lightest touch.

Your tongue circles
her nipple, your hand
now free, moving down.

Fingers passing through
bare skin, exploring 

Tracing excitement!

Bringing it back to
the swollen elusive
pleasure spot..

Where your fingers
like your tongue above
begins a movement
of circular play.

Moving round and round
you moan, and I yelp with
glee before you; ...

her breathing changes..

Your excitement quickens.

She cries out...

You continue, her 
pleasure continues..

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