November 26, 2014

Sweet, like no other..

He enjoyed the aftermath
of the storm--almost as
much as the tempest

He laid still, while
she lay prone, full
upon him, her head
cushioned on
his chest.

This was how
he liked to make
her...Soft and

His hands absently
stroked her curves
his lips brushed
the top of her head.

He felt bemused
bewitched..his sex stirs
between their bodies.

The appetite for her
was seemingly
insatiable.  Would he
ever have enough of her?

He kisses her then,
slowly, possessively,
deeply, leaving her in
no doubt that;

she was the only
woman he wanted
now and ever.



Anonymous said...

Is any man ever really the same after being with you, Yemanja? I don't think so.

You're the realm of possibility. All that's sensual, erotic, beautiful, everything that encompasses true femininity.

You're the yardstick to which most women are measured against and find themselves lacking.
You sum up everything that is female, everything that is beautiful, and I adore you.

Your friend,
(Today, tomorrow, always,)


SLJ said...

Wow...sprachlos (speechless).

Matt Kohai said...

It's nice to see you writing in high romantic gear again.

[tips his hat in praise]

(And yes, I do wear hats - real fedoras and outback hats, not just baseball caps!)

NWO said...

I think that MY sex is stirring too, Y. Great stuff.

Cheesy said...

SWEET!! I loved the visuals this "stirred" in me... ty baby girl.. glad to read a new post from you... It always calms me and makes me sigh...*****SIGH*****

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